Weekend Winks – Booblegging Booze Style

It’s here! It’s here! Football season is here!

And there’s no better weekend in my book when it’s filled with friends, football and all kinds of fun.

I'll giggle you to the ground.

Stop! Or I’ll giggle you to the ground and hit you with my happy to see you kick stand.

Friday night was filled with fun times, as Mrs. America has finally moved her ass back to Nashville. Yeehaw!

She's baaaaaack!

She’s baaaaaack!

Mrs. America was in the sizzle reel shot back in January and has been lovingly referred to as ‘Bible Thumper’ by the production companies who’ve taken a peek at the finished product.

Mrs. America and Ms. CBXB

Bible thumper and a beast.

So naturally all the girls had to get together for a welcome home party at my mini manse.

Any other way?

Any other way to play on a Friday?

Not being one to miss out on one second of fun, Ted arranged himself in the party core.

Center of atTEDtion. Demanding.

Center of atTEDtion.

Dishing on the gossip

Unable to refill my cocktail due to this pussy and his refusal to move.

No party of mine is complete without Jell-O shots, which we enjoyed all evening.

What party is complete without Jell-O?

Wigglin’ and jigglin’ our Jell-O.

When adorable Baby M decided to try her first girl’s night in on for size, she got a little cup of whipped cream to feel like a big girl.

Hit me baby one more time. Auntie CBXB showing the ropes.

Auntie CBXB showing Baby M the ropes.

There was also a pageant show of whose purse was more appropriate – carrying a baby bag when baby is home with dad or a Louis Vuitton.

Baby bag vs. Louis. Who do you think won?

Who do you think won?

My Saturday mornings are reserved for a little bit of party decompression. Except when all of your friends have kids under the age of five and are up at the ass crack. Then they love to steal me from my beauty sleep, trying to set my phone on fire with an over abundance of text messages.



Wearily making my way to a little hair of the dog, my sour attitude turned sunny.

Bloody mary at the ass crack.

Bloody Mary at the ass crack.

And I was able to rally for a boat ride during the day.

Floating my cares away on a gray Nashville day.

Floating my cares away on a gray Nashville day.

As the clouds parted and the evening grew near, Ted and I shared a little Tennessee Titans cheer.

Titans cattails with Ted before the game.

Pre-game cattails.

And being that it’s football season, you know that means a little booblegging on my part, as libations are outrageously priced and this gal is on a budget.

Suck it NFL!

Suck it NFL!

As soon as we got near the stadium, the sky dumped what appeared to be a pop-up shower.


Raining on my football parade.

But when you travel with a cooler, you can sit in the car and will the rain away.

And wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait for the rain to stop.

Passing the time away...

Camo and I keeping dry.

But when we realized we’d been sitting in the car for close to an hour, we decided to suck it up and move onward. Luckily for me, Camo is the kind of guy who has everything known to man in his truck. And he not only had a rain coat, he also had a lanyard that would be perfect in keeping my cell phone dry (priorities, right?).

Ticket/phone holder

Multi-purpose tool.


Perfect fit.

It works!

I could type through the plastic! It was a game day miracle.

Upon entering the stadium, I had to climb on the headless Titans player like I was a four-year-old at a park jungle gym.

So Tough

Boldly going where 9,826 faces had gone before me. Eew.

All was better when I got my bathroom bartending on (after I washed my hands of course).

Now we're talking.

Now we’re talking.

Because just like witches, bitches melt I made Camo stand under the awning and watch the jumbotron, as the rain never ever did go away.

Big time TV because just like witches, bitches melt.

Party time!

As the game was ending, the water from the sky ceased to fall and it ended up being a gorgeous night.

Nightime Nashville sky.

Pruny, water-soaked skin under a Nashville sky.

Sunday I did the only thing I could do…detox by the pool.


No energy required.

And my little bed buddy was thrilled when I lazed around with him, catching up on the DVR the rest of the day.

DVRing with my bed buddy

Ted’s idea of heaven.

Here’s hoping you have one fabulous week!




30 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Booblegging Booze Style

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  5. Teddy looks incredibly mad in the first photo.

  6. SerachShiro says:

    What a fun weekend you had and seeing your friends and having a view drinks is always great especially if there are some mums and miss America…… hahaha ! Love the photos where you were standing and enjoying into the rain, never forget the pleasure even if there’s falling tons of water from heaven ! 🙂

  7. kellisamson says:

    Wow! That many texts at one peek would send my blood pressure through the roof!!!!

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