Trashtacular Toddler Sitting

With almost every single one of my friends procreating their brains out, it’s hard to get together when they have to jump through hoops with husbands, schedules and finding childcare.

A solution search for more girl time, I ran across this posting on Craigslist … and think I may have found the answer.

Posted: August 13: Bibbysiter Avaelible (cuntry area of Nashvul)

Lookin for a sumbuddy to kinda watch ur cids while u have a gud tyme?

Plees considr me.

My name is Daryhul and I am vury gud at watchin baebees.

Look kids, no hands.

Bib for baby, hands for beer.

Need a gurl’s nite owt?

Time to partay.

On the prowl with no offspring.

Or do u want to sneek to the laek and shotgun som buhr?

Who cares about the kids? They're in good overalls.

Who cares about the kids?


They’re in good overalls.

Possubley a nite owt on maine strete or a roll in the haye with yur boyfrund of the weke?

Flavor of Week

All gussied up.

 If u brang yer cids to me, I cud rock them on my bales of hae.


Expert at rocking babies on straw.

Brung yer cids to my hous fer a small hoerly pryce.


Every child’s dream playground.

I wul evun let them swam in the puhl.


Beating the heat.

Plese send me a leter or jest drup bye.  Im avaleable most daes and nites.


I wonder if this dude also pet sits? It really doesn’t matter, Ted would hate his overalls.

But at least I’ve found a solution for us gals to get together more often, right?



21 thoughts on “Trashtacular Toddler Sitting

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Hahaha………….that swimmingpool picture with all the dolls inside, so fun !! I will bring you my two daughters they will give you a little help 🙂 !

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