Weekend Winks – Singing in the Rain

Band rehearsal, football, cocktails and pool time are the perfect combo to a relaxing Nashville weekend.

Titan Up

Titan Up!

Friday night rehearsal for No Name Band (nope…still no name) went smashingly once I arrived. (Master of directions I am not. So after two hours in a car, feeling like I was in BFE, this classy chick had to pull over and take a leak, as there were no buildings with running water in sight. But I finally found my mates – with an empty bladder).

Cocktails, of course.

Cocktails for the directionally challenged, please.


The worst band selfie ever.

Saturday was meant to be spent at the pool but a rainstorm thwarted my attempts. Instead, we sat out on the balcony as the thunder rolled and while you all think Ted is a big, fat, high maintenance bitch (which, let’s be honest – he is) this little fur ball is not afraid of sounds from the sky.

What the who?

What the what? Who cares. Pet me.

But New Cat on the other hand thinks the storm is coming just for him and if he isn’t underneath the bed, he is up under my chinny chin chin.

New Cat Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck pussy.

After watching my Tennessee Titans score a win (I know, I know it’s just pre-season but still), this hot pink mess greeted my arrival home from the bar.

Feather football.

Feather football played by one.

Speaking of non-traditional football, my always snazzy friend L-Dawg found these heels of her fave college team. While I am not a person who will ever chant SEC!-SEC!-SEC! these heels are a must have.  Although I can’t find any bedazzled Iowa Hawkeye heels online. Guess it will be my next ultra classy DIY project.

Football FMP

So appropriate for galloping around a stadium.

Sunday sunny Sunday was complete with a cool pool, cocktails, catching up on reading and naps (you know, 20 minutes every hour).

Sunny Sunday!

Summer fun wind down.

And as I was basking in the sun, the Iowa twins were busy kicking up a storm when they heard Auntie CBXB will be in town to see them next weekend.

perfect 10

Prince B, reminding me he’s a perfect ten.

And she knows it.

And Princess B knowing she’s a perfect ten.

Now all I have to do is decide which size of hot dog to bring to the Iowa tailgate….

Six or eight inch??

Six or eight inches?

Cheers to a fabulous week!




16 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Singing in the Rain

  1. SerachShiro says:

    You look great in the picture with your bikini and the twins are really growing, how sweet they are and what a lot of hotdogs, I didn’t know that the sold them in so many together 🙂 !

  2. Impossible, there could be no such thing as a relaxing weekend in Nashville, surely?

    • OK Baz. You have my number. I managed to get carried away with my Skinny Pirates both Friday and Saturday night…so no, relaxing didn’t really take place until Sunday at the pool. With more Captain, naturally.

  3. kellisamson says:

    Ooooh! Can’t wait til you have band video to show us!!

  4. markbialczak says:

    Perfect warmup weekend for the Iowa tailgate, CBXB. Eight-inch dogs for the Hawkeyes, of course. Size matters for college football openers, you know that. Friday night my dear wife Karen and I are going to the Carrier Dome for the Orange opener. It’s college football season!

  5. NewCat is turning into quite the pussy cuddler. He looks like he knows he played you.

  6. John says:

    Ten inches, more meat is always delicious. Looking great in the bikini!

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