This is How We Roll


Rollin’ around.

While visiting Iowa last week, I resided with my Gma in her studio apartment at a retirement home.


My roommie.

I not only found myself without Internet access along with shitty phone service and an overabundance of daytime TV, I also found myself without a vehicle among miles and miles of cornfields.

Among the cornfields.

Nope, still not heaven. Just Iowa.

Although we love one another, being cooped up in 400 square feet with someone for days can lead one to be a tad irritated edgy claustrophobic.

We decided that venturing a few blocks to the town square shouldn’t be too big of a feat. And while Gma is perfectly capable of walking, traipsing up and down streets isn’t her strong suit at 91, so we borrowed a vehicle from her buddy.


Motorized by CBXB.

We were a traffic stopping duo, as cars had to wait for minutes while I popped wheelies to get Gma up and over a curb to the restaurant where we intended to be ladies who lunch.


Selfies cause gridlock when you take them in the middle of the road.


Bricks aren’t kind to wheelchairs. Or their drivers.     Photo – Wikipedia

After scooping the loop down Main Street a time or two, Gma announced that she was thirsty and I kicked into a gear so high I think I left a trail of smoke knowing a cold bottle of wine awaited our arrival.


Happy hour awaits!

We decided it was best to sit out on the porch and watch everyone else (while we also talked about them) drive by in actual vehicles as we sipped (well, she swigged, I gulped) our evening vino.


Busy bodies on a balcony deck.

Who needs a rental car when you can wheel it around town?

That’s just how we roll.



36 thoughts on “This is How We Roll

  1. Looks like your grandma had lots of fun with you. Who wouldn’t?!!! 😀

  2. Tracy says:

    So sweet, cherish your Gma! You are blessed to still have one!

  3. kellisamson says:

    OOh, is that ice in your wine? Nice!

  4. JMC813 says:

    Anybody know where I can find some corn? LOL. Awesome ladies day out. Brick pedestrian walkways? Seriously? Someone needs a talking to. Hardcore trip hazard. Especially if there is a pub nearby. LOL. Looks like You and Gma had an awesome day.

    • Gma had a fab day…and my overall stay was too. The brick walkways are obviously a nightmare for us ladies who roll BUT the good news is there’s a pub across the street from Gma’s pad, so not too much energy has to be exerted to get there. 🙂

  5. I know she was as happy and content as you were, it looks like you both had a great time! I’m thinking it makes a better blog title than a song, too.

  6. markbialczak says:

    The grape does not fall far from the vine, CBXB. This looks like a rocking afternoon, especially when you had to get sweet Gma over the curb! God bless you for stopping traffic for a selfie. Iowa needs more of that, I believe. Two beauties taking their own damn time!

  7. Katie Bergstrom says:

    Corn fields of DREAMS!!

  8. Best. Title. Ever.
    And maybe best window selfie too!

  9. You can wheel me around when I need it, just sayin’

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