Weekend Winks – Football Fail

The failure of my fave football teams showing up and kicking ass this weekend didn’t deter me from having an overall fabulous time with the fam in our usual Saturday shenanigans.

Jell-O shot jiggler

Jell-O shot jigglers.

Game day began with Ted and I sharing breakfast – he goes straight for the cheese while I stick to my egg.

Pussy approved breakfast.

Pussy approved breakfast.

While my fur ball was busy scarfing down my food, the twins were taste testing apples at an Iowa orchard.

Apple orchard cuties

Apple orchard cuties.

Snow White

Our family’s version of Snow White….

As the Iowa Hawkeyes kickoff drew near, New Cat assumed his position as greeter, anxiously awaiting our arrivals.

Game day greeter

Game day greeter.

The bar was stocked with my dad’s rot gut vodka (Taaka vodka could seriously start your throat on fire if you chose to smoke a cigarette while consuming), my beloved Captain and Popcorn Sutton White Whiskey was on standby for our traditional touchdown shots.

Cocktails - full bar

Stocked bar, warm bellies.

Naturally we can’t have cocktails galore without tasty tailgating treats.

Tailgating tasties

Let the game day grazing begin!

My mini manse morphed into a brief media room when we were unable to get our Hawkeye game on TV due to the previous game running long. Typically this would simply be an inconvenience but since it was our in state rivalry game – the Iowa Hawkeyes vs. the Iowa State Cyclones, we were antsy to get the football show on the bigger screen.

TV fail

Double vision.

My pussies were less than impressed to be kicked off the couch and resorted to the front window, where they plotted how to keep their mother sleepless on a Saturday night.

Waaay into the game.

Your football game is stupid and you will pay.

Ignoring the holes being scorched into my head from the kit cats, moonshine was passed around for two Hawkeye touchdowns.

Touchdown...two in three minutes. #sos

Cockier with every swig of this cocktail.

Busy with moonshine, Skinny Pirates and the football game, I turned my back for one second and found New Cat perusing among the food.

Up to no....

New New is fully of naughty.

And when I whipped back around from scolding the pesky pussy, my Hawkeyes had lost the game by a last second Cyclone field goal.


No bragging rights this year.

Not only did I promise to be done with my team (fair weathered fan right here) this year in my post game misery, Ted wallowed in this disappointing loss by demanding a belly rub.

So upset, he needed a belly rub.

Rub me now, Bitch.

Drowning the rest of my Saturday sorrows in Skinny Pirates, I was able to get my ass to Target (my mothership) Sunday morning for the debut of the Altuzarra for Target line.Β  And rolling out of bed for this proved worthwhile as Altuzarra produced beyond cute merch that I was able to manhandle, making my football heavy heart skip a beat.

Sunday religion  Altuzarra for Target

My version of church.

Back to the mini manse in time for the Tennessee Titans game, New Cat could barely watch as the Dallas Cowboys kicked some Nashville tail.

Dismal display by the Titans

Is this football bullshit over yet?

Discouraged by the outlook of football season for my teams, I blew off the losing steam with a run in the crispy fall sun.

Lipstick and lunged my way through the park. Let off steam...

Lipstick and lunged my way through the park.

And then I parked it for Sunday night date night with my fave feline.

Wine and pussy time.

Wine and pussy time.

Cheers to a fabulous week my friends!



37 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Football Fail

  1. I’m with you, not a great football weekend.

  2. All my teams lost this weekend too. I feel your pain.

    • This losing junk seems to be a commonality among all of my friends from this past weekend. Piss on it! Saving and sending my good karma your way this upcoming weekend (just as a warning, the karma may or may not smell like Captain).

  3. markbialczak says:

    My Terps fall on a last-second FG by stinking West Virginia, and my Jets fold against the Packers. Ugh. (Luckily, my hometown Orange of Syracuse rolled. Yay.) Sorry about your Hawkeyes and Titans, CBXB. Straighten up, New Cat, keep away from the football food! Hi Ted, you’re a good boy.

  4. bmagpub says:

    We’ve got a cat that loves cheese too. Appears out of nowhere when the cheese comes out of the fridge. Happy day.

  5. Jolene says:

    My furkids would have went straight for the eggs!!!

    Gotta love Target……haven’t been there for a couple weeks, I might just have to “run” by there on my way home.

  6. Gary Lum says:

    My team (the Brisbane Broncos) lost too 😦

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Well those two fuzz balls sure know how to do things right!
    Keep and eye on everything and everyone, then go for the food and belly rubs.
    Ya know… now that I think of it…that sounds like a pretty damn good weekend plan! Very smart, I will try that myself next weekend.

  8. JMC813 says:

    I was rooting for your Titans CBXB. As a Niner fan there is a mandatory HATRED for all things Dallas. I almost said all things cowboys but realized that YOU my friend are one of those things that shares the Cowboy moniker in your WP persona. Foot in mouth averted. LOL. Anyway My Bills won and my Niners choked up a huge nugget all over the fourth quarter to gift wrap a win for the Bears in our Regular Season Debut in our new Levi’s Stadium. What an awesome place. Just wish I was a bazillionaire so I could enjoy it in person. Grrrrrrrr…..You have a great week also. Hawkeyes will be back to kickin ass next week. Not so sure about the Titans. Nor my niners. We may be commiserating together again.

    • I have this sneaking suspicion that we may be commiserating together over our NFL teams this next weekend, too. BUT I will try and remain positive. You can trash talk cowboys all day long on my blog, I won’t take offense – I swear. Just know that if you get a claw to the eye, it’s not me. The Niners did really piss it down their leg but Levi stadium does look pretty damn snazzy! Fingers crossed you get to go in person one day soon!

      • JMC813 says:

        We’ll just have to see about our teams this week. “Pissed it down their leg” !!! Love that expression and will most certainly be stealing it (borrowing it ) from you often. Yeah I am very impressed with Levi’s stadium. No the Niners just need to start acting like they been there before. Have a great rest of the week and a Kick ass weekend Tennessee Jazz Hands. LOL.

      • Right back at you on the great rest of the week! And after I am finished typing this sentence, I am going to do the biggest jazz hands Thursday has ever seen, sending them straight to you!

      • JMC813 says:

        Thanks CBXB that and your awesome smile are things I could use right about now. Almost the weekend. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…..

  9. Hahaha, yeah, your teams had a rough go of it this weekend for sure. Hey though, at least you had fun and looked good suffering through it.

    • One of the reasons we started the touchdown moonshine tradition is because we had a dismal season and the games were god awful. So fingers crossed this isn’t another reason to do moonshine shots at first downs….! Then we’ll really look special when we’re suffering but we’ll be having fun!

  10. At least you had drinks and snacks πŸ˜€ my cat loves cheese too, but her stomach can’t handle it, so I have to make sure, she doesn’t have any…
    I really need to catch up on some blog reading here, I have been so busy, but as always your posts bring a smile to my face, sparkly lady! Btw, I just started over with a new blog, maybe you’d like to have a look at it, it’s called queenofsparkles πŸ˜€

    • queenofasparkles?! Um, yes PLEASE! Absolutely going to look it up! Is it on WordPress?
      Happy to bring a smile to your face and excited to get caught up on what you’ve been up to. Loving the hair, girl!
      Ted’s stomach doesn’t love what cheese does to it either, so I just let him have it once in a while and it’s the teeniest, tiniest piece. But he acts like it’s a Thanksgiving dinner, so it makes me laugh. Cheers! XO

  11. SerachShiro says:

    How you can transmit the feelings of your gorgeous cats it’s a mystery but it works especially in the picture were the were resorted in the front window, poor pussies πŸ™‚ ! Adore your intelligent version of church, it would go every day !!

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