Jell-O Shot Jigglers

Jiggle while you wiggle.

Jiggle while you wiggle.

So, I almost had a heart attack of sorts when perusing the aisles of my fave grocery store in Iowa a few weeks ago when laying my eyes on a box that not only boasted my fave college team, it also contained a mold kit for Jell-O. I almost knocked the entire display down (as well as the few people in my way) trying to get over to this genius in a box merchandise.

Genius in a box.

No one was hurt in the purchase of this Jell-O Jigglers Mold Kit.

Why, it’s just Jell-O in a form resembling my alma mater you say?

To you, yes.

To me, no.

As I am a lover of all things alcoholic, I’m known for never hosting a party that doesn’t include Jell-O shots. Even my family treats Jell-O shots as tradition, having them at all family gatherings (classy, we know).

Hell, even Ted is a fan of spiked jiggly Jell-O.

Teddy approved.

Pussy approved party shots.

Seeing that I could concoct a gelatinous shot for tailgates every Saturday in celebration of my college football team, I couldn’t wait to get back to Nashville and prepare (so excited in fact that I lugged this mold kit in my carry on just in case my luggage got lost and had in-depth discussions with TSA agents when passing through airport security about how cool I was in doing so).

The $4.99 kit includes two mold trays and four boxes of coordinated-with-your-school-colors Jell-O.

Here’s what it takes to make two trays, which gives you 24 ‘shots’:

1 box of Jell-O

Your choice of vodka (in lieu of water)**

Cooking spray

Vodka not included in the box of happy.

Vodka not included in the box of happy.

**For lighter shots, you can do a half water and half vodka recipe.**

Unless you’re like me and have zero math skills (thanks to Scooby, I cheated my mathematical way to graduation from 9th grade on – sorry Mrs. Book – because like all kids I never thought I was really going to use anything other than addition in life but unbeknownst to me, I’d needed mad math skills when perfecting my shot recipes. Shit hooks).

What the fuck is half of 2/3 cup? WHAT?

What the fuck is half of 2/3 cup? What? WHAT?

So when your brain houses zero calculating skills of any kind, use all vodka in the recipe.

To prepare:

Spray the inside of molds with cooking spray


Use your finger to get the cooking spray into the nooks and crannies of the mold or they’ll turn out less than perfect.    Trust me.

Then boil the water/vodka concoction and dissolve the Jell-O powder. Transfer liquid from cooking pan to a measuring cup (or anything that allows you to pour easily).


Fill molds and refrigerate three hours.

Instructions from the box will tell you to run a knife along the edges of your molds once the Jell-O has set. This method didn’t work so well (and was going to make my Hawkeye mascot look like it’d been mauled by a bear) Mama CBXB (genius shot maker, mind you) suggested placing the cool molds in a few centimeters of warm water and then use a toothpick to loosen the edges.

Hot soak in the sink wise words from Mama.

Coaxing the Jell-O to cooperate.

A hot soak in the sink (and my clean-until-I-licked-it-after-personally-guiding-each-shot-out-of-its-mold finger) did the trick.

Jiggling goodness.

Jiggling goodness.

Being that popping the little suckers out of the tray can be tricky (and a tad messy since you used cooking spray), distribute them on a paper towel, then move to a serving tray.

Hit of the party...

And boom. Hit of the party.

Field goal fanatics.

Papa approved.

While Dad and I stuck to our touchdown tradition of moonshine shots, the Jell-O shot jigglers can be a substitution for those who’d like to keep their wits about them on a Saturday.

Moonshine shot substitution for those who'd like to keep their wits about them on a Saturday.

Moonshine exchange for fraidy cats.

To see if Jell-O gives a rat’s ass about your favorite college team, click here.

Not into sports? How about a holiday?

I found this handsome party treat at Target over the weekend.

Halloween fun.

Spooky creature kit.

Obviously, you can make these gelatinous treats with no alcohol.

But now how is that any kind of fun?

Jiggle it. Just a little bit.



45 thoughts on “Jell-O Shot Jigglers

  1. Hahaha, I freakin love it! How is your face not on that box? It’s a match made in heaven.

    • Seriously! Jell-O really missed the boat by not allowing me to be their official spokesperson for this new jiggler junk they have going on! But I did kinda feel like I died and went to heaven upon spying the box at the grocery store…SO fun!

  2. kellisamson says:

    “Jiggle it. Just a little bit.” I die! Good one.

  3. stylentonic says:

    I love your top! Oh, and I need a Jell-O-shot! 😉

  4. JMC813 says:

    How F-ing cool is that!!!! If it was Stanford I woulda knocked people over
    LOL. Question though. When you heat the Vodka/Water (mostly okay all Vodka) to dissolve the flavor powder don’t you evap a lot of the alchohol content? Not sure. But keep the bottle nearby and you can always have a jello shot chaser. Keep rockin and jiggling CBXB

    • So F’ing cool, right??!
      Well, we wondered about the evaporating of alcohol, too but there was a little water in the mix as well, so it seemed to turn out alright (as well as when I added the extra vodka whe no one was looking). They did the trick…especially with a losing-in-the-last-second-by-a-field-goal bummer!

  5. Crystal says:

    True story, I just bought the same thing, but for Tennessee Volunteers! I used the cooking spray as well, but had the worst time getting them out easily. I will for sure try the warm water/toothpick trick for the next batch!

    • Great minds Crystal! 🙂

      Genius mom put them in the warm water for about two minutes and then we ran a toothpick along the edge and then my finger would fit in between the mold and the Jell-O. Worked like a charm! Good luck on your next batch!

  6. So THAT’s how you get those jigglers out without the assist of a spoon? Non-stick spray? I’d think that could leave a nasty aftertaste. Do you rinse them afterward? Is there a specific kind you use? I wouldn’t want greasy tasting shots.

    • Non-stick spray was the trick! I use Pam.

      I sprayed the molds lightly and when I got the little suckers out, they were a tad greasy but we just used a paper towel to dab them off. No greasy taste but they are slippery little suckers. Hang on to them tightly!

  7. Also, didn’t your team lose last Saturday because your idiot coach called a timeout to freeze the kicker on a kick he missed, then because he got a second chance he won the game with a perfect field goal as time ran out?

    I was watching at an airport in Denver and even the people around me called him a dope.That must have stung as you guys had the game won.

    Maybe I should be sending you some jello shots!

    • YEP! That was our beloved Coach Ferentz who made what will probably be the worst decision ever in his history at Iowa to call a mother f’ing time out for the other team to win. GRRR……….

      I will gladly accept Jell-O shots, vodka, rum, tequila, scotch, whiskey….anything to take the sting out!

      • I hate when any coach does that. It’s bush league. I also notice most end up losing games because of it.

        Don’t even get me started on the Jets with the offensive coordinator calling timeout and wiping out a touchdown last week that would have tied the game. UGH!

      • I saw that Jets game….doesn’t it just get the blood boiling?! I was such a mad fan at the end of our game because we’d have won. And the Jets TD would have tied it up….oh the woes of being a football fan!!

  8. Nigella Lawson had better look out! Did you make all those cupcakes too?

  9. You can jiggle over and feed me jello shots any day!

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