Weekend Winks – BOO!zin’ Style

Skinny Pirates, Halloween decor and college football oh my!

Holla for handles of Captain! Oh how my dad knows the way to my heart...

Holla for handles of Captain!
Oh how my dad knows the way to my heart…

Friday started with Miller Lite for Camo and Captain for me as I stopped for a quick happy hour at my fave Nashville watering hole, Dalts.

Drive by drink

Drive by drink.

I only stayed for a few Skinny Pirates, as I’d been bit by the Halloween bug (yes, I know it’s still September and no, I don’t really give a shit).  It was mass chaos as I felt the need to unload every single piece of Halloween decor I owned before even attempting to decorate (maybe six a few Skinny Pirates and holiday embellishment don’t mix).

Halloween nightmare.

Don’t drink and decorate.

While I kept sipping on my Captain, my two fraidy cats felt the need to inspect the nooks and crannies of every box and bin.

Two fraidy cat helpers.

Expert Halloween helpers.

I decided to wave the white flag in Halloween adornment surrender as the wee hours of Saturday morning were fast approaching and I was reminded by my nephew, Prince B what awaited me the following morning.

Hawkeye time!

Iowa Hawkeye game day!

I headed out to game watch with my folks, where we nervously hoped for touchdowns in order to squeeze our moonshine tradition into Saturday.


Hawks score!


Moonshine mania posers.

Never ceases to amaze me.

This special spirit ever ceases to amaze me.

There’s no better accompaniment to moonshine than my dad’s ribs (his “best batch ever” is a phrase uttered each time he prepares them) and they didn’t disappoint this weekend.

Washing down moonshine

Ribs ‘n’ shine.

While I couldn’t stuff my face with ribs any faster than a competitive eater, my niece was busy discovering her favorite flavor of salad dressing.

Face Stuff

The Face Stuff

Face Smother The girl loves her ranch, OK?

The Face Smother
Screw the Hawks game. Gimme my ranch.

Seems as if she’s taking after Auntie CBXB more and more every day with her classy ways. Be still my beating heart.

After a Hawks victory and a quick wardrobe change, it was time to sit in a standstill on my way to Mrs. America’s (who joined me in a reality sizzle reel earlier this year) house.

Is there anything more fun than sitting in an interstate parking lot? Everything. Everything is more fun.

Is there anything more fun than sitting in an interstate parking lot?
Everything. Everything is more fun.

But it was all worthwhile when I laid eyes on Mrs. America who, along with her three princesses and hubby, just moved back to Nashville. Yeehaw!

Miss and Mrs. America.

Miss Trashtacular and Mrs. America.

While we were celebrating good fortune of her fabulous new house and positive network feedback on our sizzle, I ran across some extremely special decorative pieces from Mrs. America’s past.

We love us.

I’m demanding she spotlight these over her bed in the master.

It was all fun and games Sunday, trying to sneak in some last rays of summer sun before it turns into crispy fall weather.

Sneaky sneaky.

Sneaky sun success.

When the clouds rolled in, Ted demanded I get my ass in gear and finish garnishing our mini manse in all things black and orange.

Demanding I finish up this mess.

Get this shit cleaned up. NOW.

Turns out Mr. Bear had an ulterier motive, as I was mauled the rest of the weekend.

Because it was time for couch and cuddles.

Tag team.

Happy fall y’all!





26 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – BOO!zin’ Style

  1. kellisamson says:

    You know I’ll be waiting until next week for the Halloween stuff, as I am so OCD, but I applaud you for listening to your heart, calendar be damned!

    • I figure I was about as early for Halloween this year as Hobby Lobby is putting Christmas junk out in July. Oh well! Cray cray cat ladies must get out all of their Halloween feline decor as early as possible! 🙂

  2. “Miss Trashtacular” tee hee hee!
    You have an impressive amount of orange and black decor – like for real, impressive!
    LOVING the niece’s outfit and her obvious love for all yummy ranchiness.
    Yet another fabu weekend!

    • Of course you love Princess B’s outfit – it’s DVF! You’re nice to say I have an impressive amount when almost everyone else I know thinks I’m a Halloween hoarder…until they see my green and red tubs come Christmas. Ah, I just can’t help it!

  3. JMC813 says:

    You must have an unbelievable amount of storage space at the mini manse for Holiday Décor. Priorities right? Party time projects and Cap’n with handles. Mui Importante!!!! LOL. If Cap’n was a Spanish Pirate. Looks like Halloween might just be a little bit fun in your world. Can’t wait to see how much. I can see Ted’s wheels turning. “I hope this doesn’t mean she’s gonna try and dress me up again. Jeez……”
    Does NC know what’s in store??

    • NC is completely, COMPLETELY clueless. And, I’m not sure how he will react in a costume…but I’m sure Ted has filled him in on what’s coming their way. Hee hee. And as for storage, my buddy Camo lets me stash stuff up in his attic, as there’s no room in the mini manse for such plastic bins! Halloween is on a Friday this year and I am SO pumped!

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    Ribs?! I’m there!
    Have you picked Halloween costumes for the Tedmiester and NC yet?

    • The door is always open for you, my friend! And I’ll be sure dad cooks ribs for us.

      No Halloween costumes yet…still brainstorming on what to try and shove them in to…I know Ted will be game but NC….I’m not sure how he will react.

  5. Nancy says:

    You told me one tub only of Halloween Decor!

  6. markbialczak says:

    Are we going to be on a network soon, CBXB? You know I’m coming down there to visit (read, guest shot) as soon as the show gets picked up. 🙂 Your dads ribs look sooooo good, best batch ever. Great Hawkeyes win over Pitt. Congrats on that one. Maryland beats Syracuse. Yeeees. (and no, small n.)

    • Absolutely you’ll be down for a guest shot! Not sure about being on a network soon but getting positive response, so we’ll see. Still a long way to go! If we ever get to ‘tailgate’ together, I’ll be sure dad grills his ribs, which will again be the “best batch ever,” naturally!

  7. trout says:

    I love you still go to Dalts!! Love that place and yes I introduce you to your first drink there. lol

  8. Kaufmans Kavalkade says:

    Wait a minute. Did I miss the sizzle reel? I want the sizzle reel for gods sake.

  9. LOOOOOOVE Halloween! Can’t wait to go party!

    Also, I think you should just put a nipple on the Captian Morgan and drink it like a baby bottle.

  10. Jolene says:

    I will be busting out my Halloween goodies this weekend! ! I can’t wait to get my spook on!!

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