Introducing the CBXB Staff

You don’t think the shenanigans on this blog can be compiled by just one person do you?


Bloggers at their best.

You see, me starting a blog was my sister’s idea and when I began, brainstorming had to be done via FaceTime and cocktails.


Getting ready to high give over an idea with a very amused bro-in-law.

When I announced blogging plans to my mini manse mate, Ted he immediately assumed the self-appointed role of Editor-in-Chief.

What are you blogging about today? What?

What are you blogging about today? What?

If you’ve perused my blog much at all, you’ll know Ted is no stranger to loving the spotlight.

Always ready for his closeup

Always ready for his closeup.

Teddy instantly became the tester of all things necessary, so I would have material to include on the blog.

Taste testing drinks.

Taste testing my water. Yep. It’s drinkable.

Taste testing food behind my back.

Taste testing my peas before I could eat. Yep. They’re delish.

Found he loved sweets.

Whiska lickin’ good Halloween treats.

My precious pussy even traveled to far and away places, like his grandparent’s house 25 miles away.


Oh the things he does for this blog…and the paybacks I get are hell.

But when it boils down to it, Tedstar deciphers every single word prepared to post from every angle possible.

Checking story out from all angles

Looks good from here but…

Angle 2

….does it look good from this angle?

Just let me type.

Letting me know when it needs a rewrite altogether.

By the time he’s satisfied thinking the story has enough substance, he takes his exhausted ass to bed.

Watch dog

Over worked and under paid.

Being that Mr. Bear is unable to run this blog by himself, enter my nephew and niece…

Enter these two.

The twins from Iowa take no prisoners when it comes to their ice cream – or this blog.

Since gracing the world with their presence, I’ve been using Prince B and Princess B as content advisers.

Multi-tasking Auntie CBXB

Princess B multi-tasking with Auntie CBXB. One bottle, one post at a time.

When I was recently in Iowa, I received all kinds of help as we decided which twin should do what with the blog.

A mere year and a few months later, still going strong.

Think tank.

It was decided that Princess B would head the art department.

Until she got into the paint and realized she likes to be clean and pretty.


Art director fail.

Fuck this noise!

So I put her in as the fact checker – a much more suitable role for a chit chatty lady.

Now she checks facts while taking a load off.

Taking a load off while getting shit straight.

Perfect little Prince B decided he would like to run the organics section (which doesn’t exist yet on my cocktail loving, tailgate food eating, overall unhealthy lifestyle living blog – but I’ll make an exception for the most adorable fella I know) trying every apple in sight this fall while visiting orchards.

My tester for all things fruit and healthy. Happy to do the job.

Happy, a healthy eater and a lady-killer.    Triple threat.

After the roles were assigned (and taken very seriously mind you), it was time to try to merge all of our efforts. Which proved to be a gigantic nightmare being that six hands were on the keyboard, clicking and clacking my machine into states I’d never seen.

Like frozen states.

Like can’t find your mouse states.

Like how in the hell did you set the function Caps Lock to permanent? How? HOW?!

Ability to wreck my computer like wrecking balls

Wrecking my computer like teeny tiny Miley Cyrus wrecking balls.

After a re-start of the machine, all was up and running again smoothly.

Being that this is a family effort, my dogphew Gunner gets in on the action as head of the comfort department.

Family effort.

Last but not least in CBXB land.

Even if it’s only to keep my legs warm.

Leg warmer

Professional leg warmer.

Naturally you know that these demanding family members want to be rewarded for their minutes of hard work on this blog.

And they are most certainly well paid.
With kisses.

One for Princess B...

One for Princess B…

Another for Prince B.

Another for Prince B.

A big juicy one for Gunnie

A big juicy one for Gunnie.

And 4.2 million for Teddy B, who still doesn’t think that’s payment enough.

All the shit I do and this is the thanks I get?

All the shit I do and this is the thanks I get?

Which is why I find myself drinking out of this mug.

100% chance.

100% chance.

Especially when it’s time for the Editor-in-Chief to approve a blog.

Approved to post!

Approved to post because it’s all about me!

Is your staff as productive as mine?

For your sake, I hope not.




29 thoughts on “Introducing the CBXB Staff

  1. SerachShiro says:

    So awesome cute are Princess B and Prince B and OMG the photo where they entered in the business with ice-cream on their faces…………hilarious fun !! 🙂 And Ted shall be the head editor of all, he have that beautiful sparkle of leadership over him !

  2. JMC813 says:

    Just a well oiled BLOGGING MACHINE!!! Love it. What a crew

  3. […] I also got my ass handed to me by Princess B – you know, my fact checker for this blog. […]

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