Bourbon and Blue Jeans

A blue jean, finger bites and bourbon party at a Seven for All Mankind store didn’t suck.

Especially when it was a private work event.

7 Me

Count me in. Every day.

Upon entering the store, I was handed a glass of wine to tide me over until the bourbon tasting started. Thankfully the handsome food tray dude succumbed to my demands and stayed at my side while I tried to subtly eat his entire assortment of crab cakes, cheese skewers and mini steak sandwiches.


Mine. All mine.

Then I set my sights on the bourbon connoisseur who was busy concocting three specialty cocktails for the evening.

Bartender for one.

Bartender for one.

Naturally I found a way to get behind the bar and closer to the booze.


Taste tester.

Who could blame me for wanting to manhandle the goods?

how could i resist?

Simply irresistible.

The featured spirit of the evening was Belle Meade Bourbon, which is crafted right here in Nashville, TN.  This handsome liquor dates all the way back to 1885 and has recently been reintroduced to the market by the distiller’s great-great-great grandsons, as the original distillery was shut down over a century ago due to Prohibition (fun haters).

Charlie and his new sales model

Thank god for grandsons who resurrect family libations.

All of that bourbon consumption lead to some big blue jean dreams as friendly associates compiled masses of denim for customers to try on.

Drinking and dressing is no laughing matter.

Drinking and dressing is no laughing matter.

Of course six a few cocktails in, I fell in love with a boyfriend style jean, the josefina.


Which we renamed The Ted, as we all know that’s the man main in my life.

Taking a breather from the dressing room and putting the jeans on hold to somehow figure out what not to eat for the rest of the month in order to give them a permanent home in my mini manse, more bourbon was guzzled sipped with the best of work buddies.

Blondes surrounding their main squeeze of the evening.

Blondes surrounding the shared date of the evening.

When it came time to head home, goody bags were distributed and I found myself with more than my fair share.

Two bags of goodies

Twice the fun!

Because I’d been gifted the Ted jeans my bourbon heart lusted after.

Jeans Mania

Just give this gal some jeans and she’s happy. Well, maybe give her bourbon AND jeans.

The second bag didn’t disappoint either, which was filled with whiskey stones and a hand etched cocktail glass.

Goodies for me

More after work fun for me.

And I put these party favors to immediate use – I mean, it was the appreciative thing to do, right?

Whiskey dreams

Bedtime bourbon.

With a warm belly full of Belle Meade Bourbon, I snuggled up with my new denim for the rest of the night, hurrying to sleep.

Snuggled in with the new boyfriends....

Bourbon dreams…

Because I couldn’t wait to get gussied up today and prance around in my new boyfriend jeans (and yes, this denim naming nonsense is going straight to the real Ted’s head).

Too cool for everything.

Feelin’ fancy this Friday.

Here’s hoping your belly is full of all kinds of good. I’m about to load mine up on some more bourbon…




40 thoughts on “Bourbon and Blue Jeans

  1. PAWESOME new jeans and the bourbon sounds yummy! Today’s my birthday and I’m having a party and a comment-a-thon for Battersea Dogs and Cats home! Please come and party if you can! Thank you! Bailey =^.^=

  2. SerachShiro says:

    I think it was a pleasure to be in that store nipping Blue Belle and admiring newboy friends jeans ! Very gorgeous-also the picture where you are with the jeans, they could immediately put it on the market as a publicity stunt ! What a honour now to have these Whiskey stones and a hand etched NEW cocktail glass 🙂 🙂 !

  3. vudragovich says:

    I am a big fan of buying local&that includes beverages (help keep prices down, s&h, less chance of breakage, etc) keep up the good work!

    • I pegged you for a shop local kind of guy! I think that growing up in a small town always makes me want to support local businesses…even if that means shopping at a national chain while sipping on local bourbon. I mean, some gal has to do it, right?!

  4. Mitzie Mee says:

    Oh Seven jeans! A trip down memory lane! I used to have a pair of Seven jeans, or as a matter of fact, I still do. Just not sure that I can squeeze into them any more:) Cool that you’re a bourbon girl, -I like a good glass of bourbon too, but sometimes I forget that it’s not a cocktail and that I can’t drink 10 glasses without getting tipsy:)

  5. Great goody bags! Your job sounds really tough, but I guess someone has to do it. 🙂

  6. JMC813 says:

    Sounds like another Kick ass time in the CBXB world. I WANT YOUR JOB! I would even consider going to Nashville (GULP) to do it. Anyway glad you had Bourbon and Denim dreams. I had a pretty decent low key Birthday weekend myself. One year older and still kickin ass!!! Yup, pretty much still have life by the BAWLS over here. LOL.

    • That’s right! I have your birthday on my calendar at work – and I missed it because I was sick. Boo. Hiss. So what did you do? Sip on some bourbon??

      • JMC813 says:

        Didn’t even realize I had told you my B-day before. But I got a big mouth so it doesn’t surprise me. LOL. I hope being sick didn’t ruin your weekend. I had an awesome B-day weekend. No bourbon but a significant amount of GOOD beer while watching my Giants make playoff baseball history in an 18 inning win!!!!

      • Woohoo on the Giants big W. They did that just for your bday, I’m sure. Good beer and baseball over a birthday weekend doesn’t suck at all.

  7. Those jeans look killer on you! I am not much of a bourbon girl but me thinks a little bit pre-shopping might help the economy…you may have started something here.

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