Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night…

For CBXB, it’s rock ‘n’ roll all night….and pay for it the entire next day.

Jazz hands just scream rocker chick, right?

Jazz hands just scream rocker chick, right?

It was a girls’ night out in Nashville as Motley Crue brought their farewell tour to honky-tonk central.

GNO Crue

Me and my crue.

After six two rounds of pre-party cocktails we headed to the arena, where we stocked up on more libations before going in to see Alice Cooper, the opening act, pretend to be decapitated on stage.


Sobriety is no accident. It’s also no fun.

Naturally, after the besiege of concert cocktails we felt it necessary to hold a photo shoot at every location in which we graced our presence.

Photo shoot begins.

Pictures in the hallway.

My one and only move still going strong.

Photos at the bar with my one and only dance move.

Bathroom selfies!

Selfies in the bathroom….. like all the classy ladies do.

Show selfies

Seat selfies.

With all of our modeling, we almost forgot that there was an actual reason we’d come to the Bridgestone Arena. Luckily for us, we didn’t miss Tommy Lee’s impressive drum solo he performed while his kit moved up and down the lighted truss at .000000001 mph.

Oh yeah, there was also a show going on.

A trick as spectacular as a its geriatric pace.

After the concert it made perfect sense to do an additional whiskey shot in celebration of the kick ass farewell concert performance Motley Crue delivered. But something in my mind was doubting my capabilities to get up for work the next morning.

What the fuck is half of 2/3 cup? WHAT?

What the fuck do you think you are doing with that Fireball?! It’s a school night for Christ’s sake.

Naturally I downed that whiskey like it was Pepto Bismol, which is why I look so effortlessly chic and fabulous today.

Looking how I feel...

I wear my sunglasses inside ’cause I’m cool like that. And still burping up Fireball.

While my exterior appearance mimics exactly how I’m feeling on the inside, I need to get my shit together as I get to do the same thing all over again tonight when attending a Sir Paul McCartney concert.

For free. In a suite. With food. And booze. Free booze.

My liver is screaming “kill me now” with my feet expressing their disdain for my attempt to prance around in my high-heeled hooker boots for a second night in a row. But who cares what my feet think, I’m going to see a music legend, right?

And as Paul McCartney says….Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da life goes on bra.

Although I have a feeling my motto tomorrow will be more along the lines of “Live and Let Die.”





28 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night…

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Alice Cooper, yes what a great time you will have had and in all the photo shoots you sure can see that there was a LOT of fun, you’re so right with your motto ” Live and led die ” !

  2. jessmittens says:

    You know what, you actually look pretty good in that hangover shot!

  3. Phil Lanoue says:

    Ah the heck with the liver, you can always get another one. Go for it!

  4. That sounded like such a fun ladies’ night. We have one tonight and all the girls are going to a strip club, but I have to work the next morning and I am too old for that stuff πŸ˜€ Anyways, since I akways love reading your posts, I nominated you for the “one lovely blog”-award πŸ™‚ Just to show my glitter gal pal some extra love! If you’re interested, you can find the post here:

  5. The CrΓΌe aren’t that old, I wonder why they want to just halt the band. Im sure they still fight, but if they do individual projects, will people like one without the rest. Im still unhappy with that tribute mess on the country chart. Honestly.

  6. So cool. We saw them a few years ago here in NYC and might go to this one too. We just saw Judas Priest in Brooklyn and they were amazing! Drinking on a school night is allowed during a concert!

    • Oh I bet that Judas Priest show was cool! I’d see MC before and this show was better than the last – maybe because it’s a farewell? In any case very energetic, crowd engaging and oh, the pryo. The vast amounts of pyro!

  7. JMC813 says:

    SOOO jealous of you right now. First class accommodations to see Sir Paul? After seeing the “Crue” the night prior. 2 vast ends of the spectrum but probably both amazing shows. Don’t envy the hangover but some hair of the dog (too bad Nazareth isn’t opening for McCartney LOL) will set you straight for all the McCartney madness. This is probably my favorite post from you yet my friend. The way you tied it all together and wrapped it up with “Live and Let Die” may just be the way Sir Paul wraps it up tonight as well. Have an awesome time.

    • “Live and Let Die” was the closer (well, the closer before four encores)! I was one lucky lady to get to see two fabulous concerts (and yes, definitely vast ends of the spectrum) that kicked major ass. Although I was secretly happy that I had a suite to sit in – that way I didn’t have to stand up unless I wanted to dance (which was during every Beatles song). Still feeling like a terribly hungover groupie – tonight I’m going to see the bluegrass legend Del McCoury. Fingers crossed they don’t play anything too slow or I’ll fall asleep.

  8. markbialczak says:

    Way to rock out the Crue in style, CBXB. You are indeed my Prima Drinkarina. Wave to Sir Paul for me, please and thank you!

  9. You are so rock n’roll; envious me you betcha I am

    • Well, it’s not very rock ‘n’ roll to admit how tired you are after seeing two shows on two back-to-back weeknights but I’ve gotten about 7 hours of sleep in the last two days. I look like a really old, granny rock ‘n’ roller today!

  10. YOU’RE SEEING SIR PAUL, the bestest VEGAN ever? Throw a piece of tofu on the stage with my phone number, ‘K? I missed him when he was in San Diego cos my stupid tug man was stupidly out to stupid sea. πŸ™‚

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