Losers Lane

Drowning in my sorrows.

Game day gulping at its finest.

So my blogging buddy Mark Bialczak and I had a virtual pinky bet last weekend, as our alma maters were going head-to-head in a college football game with the loser posting a victorious, smiling photo of the winner.

Being an overly confident ass, I just knew my Iowa Hawkeyes were going to beat some Maryland Terp tail.Β  When my black and yellow outfitted men scored a touchdown due to an interception in the first minutes of the game, my confidence soared.

Shine On!

One touchdown, one moonshine shot.

I had a hunch Mr. Mark wasn’t feeling so peppy after that turnover….

Not so fabulous first quarter for the Terps. Terp Tears

Terp tears.

My head swelled to an inconceivable size when Iowa scored a second touchdown within the first quarter making the score 14 to zip, zilch, nada.


Shine time!

But it turns out that we Hawk fans did a victory dance three quarters too soon.

Happy dances done all too soon.

Overly confident two-step.

Much to my dismay, those Terps found themselves up 21-14 in the third quarter and at that point, even Mark’s cutie of a puppy, Ellie B. got in on the cheering.

Ellie B even got in on the turnaround cheer

Turnaround for the Terps.

Turns out my hyped up Hawkeyes failed to rally and lost 31-38.

Oh boy...thumbs down

A sparkly thumbs down.

So without further ado, please give a big round of virtual applause to the winners of what will surely be an annual pinky bet, Mark and his dear wife Karen.

Victorious! Until next year...

These two are too k-ute to trash talk.

Until next year….



26 thoughts on “Losers Lane

  1. […] besties, Mark Bialczak is a fellow Big Ten fan, who cheers on his Maryland Terps. Last year, we had a bet that whomever’s team lost must be featured on the winner’s blog and ….. here he […]

  2. SerachShiro says:

    I would love to have now a moon shine shot and with my fluorite book I will be in totally relax, b.t.w I love the overall of your dad πŸ™‚ !

  3. Oh, I could never hate you Mr. NYC. Especially when you speak the TRUTH. Iowa super sucks this year. That’s actually how all of the moonshine shenanigans started…we were pitiful years ago and to make the games more interesting, we started doing shots…at least we got a ‘tradition’ out of it!

  4. Don’t hate me for saying this, but Iowa sucks this year. You had better drink a lot more!

  5. Kaufmans Kavalkade says:

    Those are some funky coveralls…

  6. […] yesterday, Kitt Crescendo, author of the cool blog The Inner Wildkat, saw Ellie B.’s picture with me on my friend CBXB’s blog blog and asked about her […]

  7. Feelin’ your pain. I bet on the Niners against the Broncos this week with my foreman. I know, I know, it was a fools errand, but they’re my team. Cost me ten bucks. I’m confident I’ll make it back as we have a bet on the Series and of course I have the much hated Giants. πŸ˜‰

  8. […] can find her post from today, Friday, right here. Yes, it includes her paying off the pinky bet by posting two, count ‘em, two, of my […]

  9. This is why I am always careful about getting a bit too full in the mouth before a game. There’s a reason they’re played despite rankings… πŸ˜€ Love Mark’s dog pic…what kind of doggie?
    (Sorry girlie….although your pussy’s cute, I’m a sucker for a mutt.)

    • Ha! His dog Ellie B. is a rescue and I’m not sure of the mix, but I will ask him. I hear you on mutts being adorbs but still, my pussies are handsome felines!

    • markbialczak says:

      Hey, Kitt, our cutie is a recue mutt who looks to be mostly shepherd. The rest of the mix, they told us hound. We guess lots of other breeds as Ellie B acts differently every day. πŸ™‚ I like to go with Dingo, from Australia, when she escapes the leash and goes on runabout. (See my post coming tomorrow …)

  10. markbialczak says:

    Annual it is, CBXB. My pleasure to watch with you in different time zones. Wait, Nashville is Central time isn’t it … I’m so confused … must be that lingering thrill of victory.

    Yes, next year your Hawkeyes get my Turtles out in corn country, and I’m putting on the big fret already.

    Tomorrow we travel to Wisconsin to tangle with the Badgers. Wouldn’t we be doing you guys a favor if … ?!

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