Weekend Winks – WTF Happened?!

It was a long Nashville weekend full of celebrating Halloween and football victories, which lead to my demise.

Seriously. What the fuck?

Seriously. How a weekend full of fun feels come Sunday.

It all started out on Halloween with a some gussied up gals at work.

A pizza, a ghoul and bat girl.

The sweetest slice of pizza ever, an ass clown of a ghoul and Bat Girl.

My Iowa twins were happily acting like their favorite animals on the planet.

Busy cat and dog.

Princess Kit Kat and Prince Bow Wow.

Instead of roaming the streets in packed bars downtown, I bellied up at my fave watering hole, Dalts for my All Hallows’ Eve treats.

Treats instead of tricks for me.

Skinny Pirates instead of tricks for me.

Turns out I needed a nose job in order to properly guzzle my glass of rum.

Cocktail fail.

Cocktail fail.

After I performed emergency surgery on my schnoz, everything was right in the world.

Nose job completed.

Nose job completed.

I avoided over consumption of my beloved rum, as there was some tailgating to tackle Saturday morning.


Typical treats.

Thing is, this Saturday our Iowa Hawkeyes decided to show up and play ball. In a major way. And we bravely carried on our family tradition of a moonshine shot for every touchdown the Hawks scored.

Problem was, we were victorious with a score of 48-7.

Shot one...

Shot one…

Shot two, three and four...

Shots two, three and four and five…

Happy with the fifth...

Happy with the sixth…

Lead us to doing toe touches like the Golden Girls.

And doing toe touches Golden Girls style for a victory “dance”.

Happy with warm bellies and less brain cells, Mom and I thought it’d be a good idea to go honky tonkin’ downtown to cap off our Saturday.

The we think we're smart but not so smart ladies.

Never wanting the party to end. Ever.

But the fun came to a screeching halt the following morning.

Seriously. What the fuck?

Seriously. What the fuck?

Combining moonshine shots, toe touches, vodka and spinning around a dance floor like a contestant on Dancing With the Stars made it impossible to feel human before noon.

No energy to thwart suicide attempts by New Cat.

Not even enough energy to thwart suicide attempts by New Cat. (He lived)

But I had the best couch date ever who snoozed by my side from dawn ’til dusk.

Even Ted was party pooped.

Party pooped pussy.

Even though my self-inflicted pain, all of the shenanigans were worth it…

I think.



30 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – WTF Happened?!

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Aah so sweet Teddy when he was sleeping, you’re right it was worth ! 🙂 P.S. compliments for how you all deal with it (the problem) of your Victory !! I wouldn’t have been able too !?

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