Goodbye Gunner

An ode to my dogphew Gunner, who passed away earlier this week….



Six years ago, you entered our flow

Gunnie Bear

And it was so fun watching you grow.


Since you were a puppy you loved wiggling your rear,

Gunner 2

Under anything that was near.

Gunner Blog

You acted like you weren’t the size of a hog,

Lap Dog

But I never minded you being my lap dog.

Lap Dog 2

Dressing up was one of your favorite things,

Super Gunner

Astro Gunner

Even though it was exhausting wearing wings.

Bumble Gunner

The ever snuggly bed buddy always keeping me warm,

Bed Buddy

Trips to Iowa without you there will seem out of the norm.

Bright Eyes

While you adored swimming because of the action,


You truly loved chips with a passion.

Chips 'n' Gunnie

When the twins came along, you were no longer the star of the show,


But you always kept a watchful eye over the babies constantly on-the-go.


As a big bro your patience grew…


Times two.

Times Two

You never missed a nighttime wind down,

Story Time

Or the chance to be around our two little clowns.


We will miss you being the clean up crew

Clean Up

And your constant need to be in the middle of the hullabaloo.

Fun Bed

We will miss your sweet face in the front window,

Prince B

And how you were always around when we needed a hero.


When you suddenly were feeling blue, Prince B wanted to comfort you.


Seasons will change and life will move on but we’ll always carry you in our hearts like a lucky charm.

Last One

With your angel wings you’ll fly to a heavenly zoo…

But God your Auntie CBXB will miss the shit out of you.




Thanks for the six years that felt like a lifetime of fun.

Love you Gunsie.

Auntie Juicy


57 thoughts on “Goodbye Gunner

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  4. Dang, you’re making me misty here..I’m a sucker for a good dog.

  5. This is so sad.. I remember being quite devastated when our family dog passed away.. But at least you have so many wonderful memories!

  6. Gosh, I’m sorry! I know how hard it is to lose a friend like this.

    He was BEAUTIFUL : ) Both as a puppy and as a huge ass guy : )

    Also, is it weird that I immediately knew what you mean by dogphew? : P

    • I LOVE that you knew what I meant by dogphew!! Kindred spirits we are!

      Gunnie was such a sweet dog and while we know this time will ultimately come with the furry members of our family, this one just came so suddenly and he was so young. It is comforting to know that he didn’t suffer endlessly and that he’s up there with my first fur ball, Teddy. Eating chips and annoying the piss out of each other. XO

  7. kellisamson says:

    Oh, this made me teary. So sad for your fam. xoxox

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