Wrap It Up

I always look forward to the snail mail of merriment that comes my way every December and decided to turn my kitchen into a museum of family and friends by hanging the fabulously festive cards on my cabinets.


Holiday happiness on display.

Here’s what you’ll need for this most uncomplicated of decorating projects:


Scissors, your choice of ribbon, mini clothes pins and packing tape.


I found my pink sparklers at Target for $3.00. Score!

First you need to measure the ribbon around the cabinet door and then tape each end of the ribbon down.

measure, cut, tape

Giving Martha Stewart a run for her money, I know.

The ribbon can stand alone as simple decor.

K-ute alone

Sprucing up the most mundane area of my mini manse.

But once your ribbon is filled with friendly faces, fur balls and off spring, you’ll want to open every cabinet door in the kitchen daily.

or covered in cards from loved one.s

Tempted to leave up year round…

Happy wrapping!



28 thoughts on “Wrap It Up

  1. Nancy says:

    Leave it up! Just change ribbon.

  2. JMC813 says:

    CBXB you are a creative JEENYUS. LOL.

  3. Wandering Poet says:

    Have Teddy and New Cat been tearing up the tree?

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