Weekend Winks – ‘Tis the Season

Where's my Cousin Eddie?

Where’s Cousin Eddie when you need him?

Dirty Santa parties are fun. But they’re even more fun when played at work. With booze. Lots of booze.

Why party without booze?

Who would party without this? Who?!

In between Dirty Santa steals, I was honored to take part in my buddy Thing 1’s first ever selfie.

Selfie success!

Selfie success after 1,285 attempts.

Thing 1 fell so in love with the idea of selfies, he kept snapping pictures of us instead of others.

Still selfieing. Can't stop. Won't stop with the selfies.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop with the selfies.

And while we were in selfie heaven, virtual presents started rolling in for yours truly. My fellow cat lady Kimberly and her hubs found a perfect sized flask for all of my needs…

Wonder why they thought of me?

Wonder why they thought of me?

And this cute little starter kit keeps finding its way onto my Facebook page…Pete, Michelle, Mama CBXB and Aunt Crazy Pants have all seen these little faces and thought appropriate for me. Ted would like me to tell you to “go fuck yourself” (his words, not mine) as our hands are full with New Cat.

Purrrfect present for me.

Purrrfect present for me.

One of my besties, Princess Rosebud, (Enchanted Seashells herself!) snail mailed me a prezzie with the best gift tag ever…

And this is why I love her.

And this is why I love her.

My boss and his wife need to get to know me a little better because they gifted me this shit for Christmas…

I wish they knew me better.

Sparkly skull Uggs. I can now die happy.

Speaking of gifting, it was time to shell out my hard-earned $60 for prescription cat food (you know, low maintenance Ted has kitty Celiac’s disease) this weekend and New Cat acted like it was Christmas morning upon seeing the food bin full.

Heaven. See, Ted told you our hands were full with this pussy.

See, Ted told you our hands were full with this pussy.

Bowl full of food.

Bowl full of food but New New still feels the need to eat like a pig at a trough.

As my pussy was stuffing his tuxedo face, my sweet little Iowa niece Princess B was experiencing her first sugar cookie of the season.

Face full of cookie

Face full of cookie.

Meanwhile, her brother Prince B was more interested in climbing ladders.


Life father, like son.

You wanna know why Nashville is so fun? It’s still ‘small’ enough that you can be out and about and run into peeps you know…like old gal pals from previous jobs.

Iowa girls rock (and we know it).

Iowa girls rock (and we know it).

Speaking of gal pals, it was First Mate’s birthday which most definitely called for some sneaky surprise celebrating (isn’t that the best way?).

Happy birthday First Mate!

Have hats, will party.

Winding the weekend down called for some sexy CBXB lingerie. Being that it’s holiday time and I am in love with everything Griswold family, I slipped into the sexiest t-shirt I could locate…

Slipping into something ultra comfortable.

Yes, please save the neck for me, Clark.

Good thing this little guy could care less what I am wearing, just as long as he can lay on it.

Cuddle buddy

Christmastime cuddles.

Now go slip into something comfy and enjoy the rest of this holiday week.






20 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – ‘Tis the Season

  1. stylentonic says:

    This is it dear!!!!!

  2. vudragovich says:

    While your nephew is getting big I still most loved seeing your George Costanza hat that will keep you warm in a blizzard and then…your little skulls with Santa hats sweater! SO YOUI! I think you live in a much more fun neighborhood than I do over here in Knoxville. What was that zip code? 90210?

    • Ha! I do live in the 90210 zip code of Nashville! LOL! I thought I’d won the lottery when I saw that skull sweater. MINE! 67y1`1 (that little phrase is from Ted himself, as he walked across my keyboard as I was responding to you) Hope you and your kidties have the merriest of Christmases with you and the Wife!

  3. Nancy says:

    Merry Christmas, Meggie Sue

  4. Cheers! Love the reindeer goblet. Very Christmas Vacation.

    I did better. Just posted my blog of a Christmas bar I was at and drank out of Santa’ pants! So much rum!

  5. I’m surprised the boys haven’t turned their little tree over. Love the shirt. You can’t say Christmas without vacation.

    • You got that right – no Christmas without the word vacation! The boys have been enjoying wrestling under the tree, so I assume it will be down by tomorrow morning. Just in time for Santa! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas my friend! XO

  6. markbialczak says:

    You’re looking good all over this Christmas week, CBXB. Happy and Merry with Teddy, Tuxedo, Ma and Pa, and all the friends and fam. πŸ™‚

  7. JMC813 says:

    All the best to you and yours this Holiday season CBXB. Please be safe, and have a blast. I have loved every minute of getting to know you through this blog and look forward to much more CBXB craziness in the year upcoming……Jazz Hands baby!!!!!!!

    • JAZZ HANDS right back at you my friend! Thanks for being such a good buddy to us and following our shenanigans! We love ‘entertaining’ (a word I will use loosely) you and look forward to sharing more in 2015. Merriest of holidays to you and yours. I’m cheersing you with a mug full of Captain (with a splash of apple cider)! XOXO

  8. Seriously, despite the time, actually it is Christmas and Santa must be on his way, but I had to go out pour myself a drink after reading the first line…!

    Take care and enjoy the season…Baz, and the crew!

    • Baz! Merry Christmas to you and the family! Hope Santa was extremely nice to you! I’m setting out Captain and cookies tonight, so I’m sure to get whatever I asked for – which not surprisingly is more Captain. πŸ™‚

  9. kellisamson says:

    Happy Christmas, Ms. Sparkle-Pants! xo

  10. SerachShiro says:

    What a gorgeous present for you, all these beautiful little pussies and they are just (almost) so sweet as Ted and NC !! How come that you always have these great look on these original shirts and sweaters ? πŸ™‚

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