Weekend Winks – Take Me to Church

Or…maybe you shouldn’t because I might burst into flames.

This Church. Not the one with a steeple.

This Church. Not the one with a steeple.

Being that I’m a lucky lady, I scored a ticket to the Eric Church concert in Nashville this weekend.  Naturally the most important element of concert prep is putting together my concert attire. And I tend to always go understated.

What to Wear?

Being subtle is my favorite thing in life.

Once the giddy up was on, I trotted down to a local honky tonk where I ran into an Arizona buddy that I haven’t seen in years. Once we started talking, it seemed like we were in the high school hallway yesterday.

Photo Bomb!

The Photo Bomber gets bombed!

My choice in outerwear proved to be a wise one as it easily turned into a bar pillow.

Bar Pillow

Heads get heavy after too much Grey Goose.

It also upped T Man’s bland outfit at one point in the evening.

Giddy Up

Animal print is so complimentary.

Leopard went straight to T Man’s head because he ever so graciously took photos of himself while using my phone.

Camera Man

It’s all fun and games until a blogger posts your picture.

What would a concert be like without a cocktail?


No fun. A concert would be no fun without a cocktail.

But having seven a couple of Skinny Pirates might not have been so smart, as a life sized devil appeared during one of Mr. Church’s songs, making me want to sprint to the nearest House of Worship.


I still see this every time I close my eyes. Thanks Eric.

I awoke Sunday to a very pissed off pussy (who might as well have been the life size devil at the show) because he lost a wee bit of beauty sleep due to my Saturday night shenanigans.


Where the fuck were you last night?

I was relieved to find my phone in check, as I had lost my Louis Vuitton clutch twice during the previous evening – once in the arena and I then left it in the Uber cab (I don’t know how in the world this happened as I had a cross body bag on to prevent me losing anything. Major fail). But faith has been restored in humanity as not only was my clutch waiting for me at guest relations but the Uber driver came back by to see that my clutch found its way back to my mini manse.  Phew.

Upon charging my very dead phone, this is the face that greeted me as it powered back on.

Screen Saver

You might want to think twice if you are putting your mug on a blogger’s screen saver. Just sayin’.

Not only was I excited for the Golden Globes yesterday, I about pissed my pants in delight when I used my local grocery store’s points at the pump, making each gallon less than a dollar.


Twenty gallons for less than $20.

While under lock down in Iowa due to bone chilling temps, my twins are approaching a small milestone.


Just the cutest duo on the planet.

Prince and Princess B will soon be entering a horrific phase (for their parents)…

Terrible Twos?

Terrible twos on the horizon this week.

In anticipation for my fave awards show, I thought I’d try to mimic the little golden statue by using a similar colored face mask while soaking in the tub but it did nothing but make me still look like me.

Golden Glow

Golden glow fail.

It was then time to decide which healthy treats I should grant myself  while watching the red carpet after eating my way through the holidays.

Dip Baby Dip

Pigging out while watching impossibly skinny stars prance around in their elegant gowns does wonders for self confidence.

And then the fabulous trio that resides in my mini manse gathered on the couch for the Golden Globes.

My Two Pussies

Golden globed PJs, one happy cat and one pissed off pussy.

Some things never change.




21 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Take Me to Church

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Aah, hahaha ………………..you three, (NC, Tedstar and you) had the evening of your life and ooh the expression on the face of the twins, what a naughty duo !! 🙂

  2. Oooh….that’s one scaree screen saver! Have you any idea how expensive that golden glow mask is?!! 😯

  3. kellisamson says:

    The Globes were not as funny this year :(!!! Loved that two movies I actually saw and liked won. While you were eating chips and being mauled by your cats, I was across the country eating nachos and being mauled by a kindergartener. Cheers!

  4. JMC813 says:

    And the price at the pump?!?! Freakin unbelievable. We have a similar savings thing at the grocery place I shop at, but less than a dolar a gallon? I will never see that. Awesome Jazz Hands. Keep Rockin.

  5. markbialczak says:

    I weekend or worship, CBXB, style. Wheeew-whooooooo! Glad you lived to tell us about it, pretty woman. 🙂

  6. Church at Bridgestone, Sam Smith at Opry house. I don’t think I could have picked between them. People are still raving about Eric, I heard it was incredible.

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    When I first saw your post title I thought it was going to be about that song by Hozier, but Eric Church is cool.
    Glad I can live vicariously through your exciting escapades while I stay home and listen to Pandora.
    But hey I did take the Harley out yesterday and froze my ass off.
    So what was scarier? The devil guy or the phone screen saver pic?

    • Good question….I’d say phone screen saver pic because I know him! And Pandora typically beats the pants off of any live show these days but Eric Church didn’t lip sync, so yeehaw! Have you warmed up since your Harley ride?

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