Bad Influence

Who wouldn’t want their kid taking after yours truly?

Well… maybe anyone that has offspring would prefer their child take after Taylor Swift in lieu of me but I digress.

Yep. Twins

Someone wants to be just like Auntie CBXB (the glass of rum will come in 19 years).

Ever since my niece has graced us with her presence into the world, I just knew she’d be a gal after my own heart. I was especially excited to stuff her into all things sequins and sparkle before she was old enough to speak and tell me no (which would be a bona fide heartbreak!).

Don’t you hate those moms who dress up just like their kids? Me too.

But it’s totally OK when aunts do it, right?

Sparkling duo.

Black sequins for everyone!

Although I sometimes dress like a sixth grade girl, I have this sneaking suspicion that my love of gaudy attire will shine through Princess B as she grows up.

Seriously, I will out sparkle you Auntie CBXB!

Giving serious thought on how to out sparkle me.

This past weekend while in Iowa, I was able to teach Princess B all kinds of tricks to accompany those fabulous threads we love to wear.  Aside from sharing a love of the most practical attire, we both adore Lay’s potato chips with a hefty dose of AE French Onion dip.

Dunk, don't dip.

She knows to dunk, not dip.

Just like me.

Just like me.

And she’s also picked up my knack of classy eating skills.

And looks just like me when she's finished.

No napkins necessary.

I discovered that we share the love of looking at ourselves online via a blog (this blog as a matter of fact, where I feature her almost as much as Ted – DON’T TELL THE BEAR).

Blog postin'

Oh, I do look good in that picture don’t I?

Being that I will have finally mastered the art of yoga in 2078, Princess B picked up a few tricks from me.

Not so cute yoga.

An eagle pose so hilarious, I can’t hold it.

Downward Dog.

A downward dog so cute I can hardly stand it.

Princess B has also mastered the art of getting what she wants (or “sharing” as she puts it).

Swapping shoes.

What Elsa dress is complete without Auntie CBXB’s sparkly UGGS?

This chick has a knack for noticing the finer things in life…like Louis Vuitton.

Purse Lovers. Lovin' Louis

Think she’s hoping this is her bag when she trots off to kindergarten.

We studied sparkly nails, fuchsia lipstick and all the baubles that call my wrist and fingers home.


Yep. Safe to say we love bling.

Loving leopard together

Also safe to say we kinda love leopard.

Now that I knew our clothing, accessory, snack and workout skills were in line, we mastered the art of a selfie (not that I’m an expert after taking 5,390,201 pictures of myself).

Selfie test.

Selfie test.

Selfie success (for Princess B).

Selfie success (for Princess B).

But this girl didn’t need me to teach her to love a camera.

Kinda up to no good together...think we can get into some serious trouble together...

Princess B is going to be up to fun. Forever.

I can’t wait to share more fabulously sparkly tips as the years pass by…

Either way, I'm loving the imitation all day long.

Like the importance of putting a tampon in your pocket, not carrying it around while kissing people.

Happily, I think I’ve got a serious imitation situation on my hands that I will love for the rest of my days, as it’s the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Sorry, not sorry Dr. Cocktail and Sister CBXB!




41 thoughts on “Bad Influence

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Princess B is super cute and you can see that she knows what she wants, teach her everything what she needs to know Auntie :), I ‘m sure she’s in great hands ! Compliments for all the sweet pictures !! 🙂

  2. kellisamson says:

    Adorable! You two are going to have some adventures together, I can just tell ;). My nieces are now 15 and 17, and it’s gotten more fun every year! They are students at the high school where I teach, and they stop in to give me the gossip. The older one is going on my trip to Europe this summer! You’ve got so much to look forward to. xoxo

  3. Awe, too cute. It’s a great life when a kid has a great aunt to show her the ropes. My aunts were some of my. Best buds growing up and still are. You two will be fun to watch for years to come.

  4. I wish I’d had a fun aunt like you. None of mine ever wore leopard print, but I love it anyway. Princess B must really look forward to your visits. 🙂

  5. Nancy says:

    So right….dress alike aunties the bomb

  6. Oh, so cute. They are so big and I feel so old :).

  7. JMC813 says:

    Is the world ready for another more compact version of you CBXB? I guess we are going to find out. LOL. She may even reach a point when she surpasses her sparkly Auntie Jazz Hands. Better get her working on those and also get her dive bombing every photo op she can set her sites on!!!! You Rawk!!!!!

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