Follow my lead.

Cats on my back pockets…surprised?

Even though I am much more of a college football fan, I always tune in to the Super Bowl – mostly for the commercials, to see if the National Anthem is lip synced and to judge the quality of the half time show as I am shoveling Eat Shit and Die guacamole into my mouth wearing the stretchiest pants in my closet.

College football is just so much more fun!

The atmosphere at college games just kicks the NFL’s ass.

Being raised by a dad who played on a national championship college football team and played for the Colts when they were in Baltimore, I know a thing or two about the game.

Yep. Dad was a stud.

Yep. Dad was a stud.

While I couldn’t follow in his footsteps (or rather, didn’t really want to as my fingernails are jewels, not tools) I did what I could to carry on tradition since he ended up with daughters…I pranced around in his college jersey.

Grown up on it.

Only missing the muscle.

Typically this time of year, I could give a shit about who wins the Super Bowl and end up rooting for the team with the best outfits (aka uniforms) as I am already counting down the minutes to College Gameday’s debut on ESPN in August.

Football Fashionista

A fashionista could care less about the outcome of America’s biggest football game.

Sunday’s game presents the Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots and this year instead of cheering for whatever team colors I like best, I’m rooting for the team from Washington to win.

I’m cheering for the Seahawks not only because my dad played for the Colts and the Patriots handed their asses to them last weekend (45 to 7…ouch!) but I have a hard time cheering for a team that can’t follow rules and never seems to get punished (not just referring to the most recent Deflate-Gate but also to the 2007 cheating scandal).

Celebrating the stud one birthday.

Did I also mention that the current Patriots coach, Bill Belichick was on the sidelines staff of the Colts back in the ’70s and was the man who released my dad from the team?

I know your mind is blown by my expert analysis of picking a team to root for on Sunday but at the end of the day does it really matter?

That's right, nothing's changed.

Wait, the Steelers aren’t playing?

As long as the commercials are funny and the touchdown moonshine is flowing, I’ll be good to go.

Trashy touchdown tradition.

Bill Beliwho?

Here’s hoping your team wins.







33 thoughts on “GO HAWKS

  1. Your dad played football???? He’s my hero. That is so f***ing awesome. Who said a Princess can’t love football, huh? We’re rooting for the Seahawks cos it’s a west coast thang and also that’s where hub’s home office is (and where he’s at right now, but flying back tonight) YOUR DAD ROCKS. I love Tom Brady cos he’s pretty but not loving his wife so much…plus deflate gate, etc. We’ll raise a bloody mary to your dad on Sun!

  2. BB is such a putz, I can’t stand that guy. A pox on him double strength for having your daddy released. Belichunk.

  3. Tracy says:

    I watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials too. The Budweiser ones are my favorite and they have a really good one this year!

  4. Gary Lum says:

    I hope your team wins πŸ˜ƒ
    Our footy season starts soon with a preseason tournament in New Zealand. Go Hawks. Go Broncos!

  5. JMC813 says:

    The words QUALITY and SUPERBOWL HALFTIME SHOW are not to ever be uttered in the same sentence. Completely different pages would be better. Not since Sir Paul McCartney graced it with his presence has a Half Time show even made it worth stomaching just to see the Halftime commercials. LOL. Ask me how I REALLY feel about it sometime. Hehehe. Can’t side with you on the Seahawks thing cuz I am a self respecting Niners fan so GO Pats. How awesome is it that you have NFL lineage so close. Papa bear was a colt? Just awesome. As a Stanford Cardinal fan I root for the Colts now cuz It would be awesome if Andrew Luck had a Hall of Fame Career. Anyway, rants and rambles aside, have an AWESOME Superbowl Sunday, and save some Guac for me my dear friend.

    • I’m still great from my guac overload and I do feel you on the quality Super Bowl halftime show. Hee hee – see what I did there, using quality where I shouldn’t! Bummer this year is that the commercials weren’t even that fab, the production of halftime was impressive (not a KP fan) – however, the game was great! Can’t remember a Super Bowl that’s actually been a ‘game’ for as long as I can remember…even though the stinkin’ Pats won. And it would be super cool to see Andrew Luck have a Hall of Fame career!

      • JMC813 says:

        hello? Niners Ravens? It was over at halftime……then the lights went out, Then the Niners switched on and had a chance to win late. Maybe I am prejudiced tho because with the Ownership that is in place and the new coaching hires the Niners are going to sink to the bottom of the league like a skinny pirate tied to a boulder. LOL

      • Hee Hee! A skinny pirate tied to a boulder…HA!

  6. Nancy says:

    Go Hawks!………Seatle Seahawks

  7. chip says:

    Go Steelers! And Hawks

  8. Kavalkade says:

    You never told me your daddy had a championship ring and played for the Colts. I can forgive that he didn’t play for the Steelers, cause Iowa’s colors are pretty close.

  9. Phil Lanoue says:

    Very cool about the old man (if I may use that expression) my dad played college ball too for Boston Collage and played in the Orange Bowl.
    So…. you ready for today’s Kitten Bowl?!

    • Oh the Kitten Bowl was the best part about Sunday! Ted watched until halftime and then wanted to know why he didn’t have any championship rings. And it is cool about my old man – your dad getting to play in the Orange Bowl is pretty awesome!

  10. kellisamson says:

    I was super-disappointed in the commercials this year!!! But I did enjoy an enormous jell-o shot with my Seahawk’s colors and though of you! xo

    • Yeehaw! Color coordinated Jell-O shots make my heart melt! And I agree that the commercials were a big let down…I typically have the game on for background noise and high tail it to the couch for the commercials. Totally reversed this year!

  11. SerachShiro says:

    Wow your father was playing…….. again another respect you must have been proud then !! Hope that your team won πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ?!

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