My Cheatin’ Heart

My cheatin’ heart

May make Ted weep

He’ll meow and meow

Ruining my beauty sleep

My cheatin' heart...

A face worth cheating over?

His claws will come out

Aiming for my face

But I will hide

Behind this chug’s cute face


The look of a love affair.

My cheatin’ heart

May be the death of me

But I won’t tell Ted

if you promise not to…

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36 thoughts on “My Cheatin’ Heart

  1. […] not a party without a little drama – and you could cut the animal tension with a knife when sweet Precious rolled […]

  2. SerachShiro says:

    🙂 I won’t tell him………….hihihi, I guess he already knows !!

  3. markbialczak says:

    Hey Teddy, listen to Uncle Mark. Sometimes life is ruff! Nice new friend, CBXB!

  4. Kavalkade says:

    Dear Cowboys, Esquire.

    I am #Krew, Esquire. I have been hired by Teddy to represent his interests in this dispute.

    Teddy would like to remind one Cowboys of the contractual obligation entered into when the adoption was completed and ratified with all parties signatory to the document herein referred to as “Teddy Owns You”.

    The “Teddy Owns You” document specifies:

    1. No competing love interests.
    2. Your bed is now his.
    3. All your base belong to Teddy.
    4. He gets first dibs on all food, luxury items, mundane items, household sundries, vacation destinations, massages, defleaing, and petting whether above or below the waist.
    5. “Teddy Owns You” should be interpreted liberally in Teddy’s favor if there is any disputes that arise over the wording of the “Teddy Owns You” document.
    6. “Teddy Owns You” is not an empty slogan, it’s a factual matter.

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