Weekend Winks – FUN

The Nashville weekend was brimming with basketball, booze and those babies I adore in Iowa.

Ted was so happy to finally get a full bowl of his prescription cat food Friday night that he acted as if any kind of nourishment hadn’t touched his lips in three years (TRUTH: I couldn’t get to the vet early enough this week, so he and New Cat were forced to eat tuna, poor things).  It was such a lip smacking good party, Ted couldn’t get his head under the bowl (well, in his case martini glass) fast enough and ended up with food all over his furry bod.

Getting crazier by the second in the mini manse.

Getting crazier by the second in the mini manse.

My Iowa twins were gussied up in their finest Iowa threads in order to cheer our Hawkeye basketball team in the first round of March Madness.

Hakweyes most dynamic duo.

The cutest cheerleader and football player my eyes have ever seen.

Although Princess B could have cared less that the Hawkeyes won when she found out the celebratory meal would take place at Chili’s….home of her beloved salsa.

Mostly excited for the salsa at Chili's.

Who cares about basketball?

Wishing I was guzzling salsa with Princess B, I instead gave my kitchen a facelift with a new rug. First I thought it was a bit busy for the room – but who a I kidding? The busier the better in my mini manse!

You like?

You like?

There’s also something I’ve neglected to share with readers and for that I am sorry. Because I know you hang on every. single. aspect. of my trashtacular life.  So it is with great pleasure that I remind you my birthday is this Wednesday.

As in two days.

As in exactly three months after Christmas.

If you second day air mail packages, you’ll be right on time. If you snail mail, it will just keep my party going. I accept well wishes all year round however, so please don’t refrain as I obviously hate hearing about myself.


First gift of my birthday month!

Speaking of presents, I gifted Princess B with an Elsa swimsuit in which she promptly put on and pranced around.

Iowa's very own Elsa.

Iowa’s very own Elsa.

And when this tiny chick is in love with something it’s full on, full force. So she demanded to wear it out to play – with her leopard shades of course.

Too cool to take the suit off. Outdoor Elsa.

Outdoor Elsa.

The second round of March Madness came on Sunday night for the Hawkeyes, and Dada CBXB was luckily in Iowa not only watching the game with the twins but also on a big screen.

Back to the madness that is March basketball.

Not hating life in the slightest.

When all was said and done, Iowa got their asses handed to them and we decided to mourn the loss differently.

Hawks lose. Losing kisses.

The twins kissed their blues away.

While I decided to drown in my sorrows with the fullest martini I’d ever seen.

martini so full

A martini worth the moola.

A cocktail so full, I couldn’t use my hands to move it, therefore I sipped it as if I was a classy lady.

Look ma, no hands!

Look ma, no hands!

Upon returning home, I found my two pussies in a shoving match atop the pink sparkly hamper (which is normally Ted’s domain only).

Shoving match ensued. But I was face first into a martini, so....

Two’s definitely a crowd.

Upon the completion of the feline WWF show, I decided to make us friendship bracelets, as a reminder we can all get along.

Good idea, I think yes.

Again, crazier by the second here at the mini manse.

Here’s hoping you have a crazy fun week friends!





28 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – FUN

  1. SerachShiro says:

    The twin get’s cuter and cuter with the time and I love their curly hair, hope your sister will never cut them 🙂 ! And yes I like your new rug very fresh pattern ! But did I understand well that you have had birthday ?? Than I wish that you’ve had a great one and beautiful day together and among your family and dear friends, congrats dear !!!! 🙂

  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    They did not look to be in the mood to share the pink sparkly hamper.
    I like your cocktail sip technique. 🍸 Oh and HBD!!

  3. kellisamson says:

    Happy Birthday, Girlie!!!! May this year be better than the last for us both. I am going out and will have drink in your honor tonight – not kidding! (It’s a Girl Scout leader meeting at a wine bar, but I am going to pretend it’s not a meeting). Oh, and I have your rug in navy and white, so the cosmic connection continues…

    • Thanks for having a drink in honor of me – I was cocktailing with you, although not at a Girl Scout meeting. 🙂 And of course you have the same rug…the list keeps growing and growing and growing. This year WILL be better for the both of us – I just know it!

  4. JMC813 says:

    Absolutely HAPPY F-ing B-DAY CBXB!!!!!!!!! I hope you have an awesome month long celebration. Sorry bout your Hawkeyes. Twins look cool as can be, and those damn cats…..LOL.
    I have seen everything now though….Friendship bracelets for cat’s?
    I can see the look on Tedstars face right now and it says this…”Look mom, I love you but you are fucking kidding me right? I don’t even have wrists crazy lady!!!!” LMAO

    Once again my friend. *singing* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOUUUU!!!!!!


  5. OOOOH! I heart almost birthday days almost as much as actual birthday days and post birthday days and all the daze that is associated with appropriate party plans!
    Um, those twins are just so freakin’ yummy!!!!!!!

  6. Nancy says:

    Love the rug and you!

  7. markbialczak says:

    Sorry about the Hawkeyes’ loss. Same day as my Terrapins. Woe is us, CBXB. Hey, at least you got a rad new mini manse kitchen rug, and the Teddy and New Cat seem to be getting along. ❤

  8. Tracy says:

    Hope you have a spectacular birthday!!

  9. LOVE the jazz hands in the Elsa suit! HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How could I have forgotten that your b-day is 2 days after my own Angel Boy’s 34th! See how old I am? I have a son that’s exactly MY OWN AGE as I’m still 34 or 13, depending on whom you ask and if I’m wearing all my Hello Kitty clothes and jewelry or not.

  10. Gotta love a full martini! Dirty, of course! Now, back to work Monday, ugh.

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