About Last Night…

When this happens…

I'm with the band.

While this happens…

Line Up

This happens…


And I’m doing it all over again tonight, so wish me (and my liver) good luck!

We’re gonna need all of the help we can get.




27 thoughts on “About Last Night…

  1. SerachShiro says:

    I think you had the time of your live, have always fun honey it’s so important !!

  2. Nancy says:

    Hope you are having the time of your life! Enjoy!

  3. JMC813 says:

    Have fun CBXB!!!

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    I’m checking that list twice. Where’s open bar?!
    Have fun. (like you need me to remind you)

  5. This is just you doing what you do best! Have fun, hydrate, and then drink a lot of lemon water for your liver!

  6. You only live once. Carry on and rock on!

  7. How was the concert? And of course, the party afterwards?

  8. Tracy says:

    Ya gotta live life to the fullest, that’s what I do! Have a great weekend!!

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