Weekend Winks – Party Style

A killer country concert kicked off a jam-packed Nashville weekend on Friday and the shenanigans haven’t yet stopped.

Cheers Mr. Chesney!

Cheers Mr. Chesney!

Kenny Chesney performed two sold out shows last week at Bridgestone Arena and because of my job, I attended both nights with clients. Being that Kenny and I celebrate birthdays one day apart, I was pretty sure he’d single me out in the crowd to wish me tidings of good joy.

No such luck.

HBD to me.

Happy Birthday to me.

After the enthralling concert experience, I was greeted with some love from my Iowa twins.


Is there anything cuter to get for a birthday?

Turns out my niece and nephew are modern-day Picassos, as featured in the photo below.

New Cat had to check out my modern day Picasos

New Cat had to check out the masterpiece I received.

While I was oohing and ahhing over my presents, Prince and Princess B were painting Easter eggs.

Egg paint

Serious about their artwork.

However, Princess B took it upon herself to mimic her Auntie CBXB and paint her nails instead of the boring old eggs.

So my mini me.

My mini me making my heart burst with pride.

Decorating eggs and fingernails creates quite an appetite and there’s hardly anything Princess B loves to gulp down more than salsa.

Salsa tastes so good. Who needs chips?

Who needs chips?

While my mini me was two fisting bowls of salsa, I was busy using two hands to double fist cocktails at one of my birthday celebrations.

Stop. Guzzle time.

Stop. Guzzle time.

Flattered that friends gathered to celebrate my presence on this planet, we yucked it up at one of Nashville’s cool eateries, Suzy Wong’s House of Yum.

Ladies out on the town.

Girls just wanna have fun. And cocktails. Lots of cocktails.

Mama CBXB trudged

Mingling with Mama CBXB.

I was gifted all kinds of goodies, including a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Showered with flowers.

Showered with flowers.

Tears of joy almost streaked my cheeks upon receiving a bell that says ‘Drink Please’. It didn’t stop ringing until about 2am on Saturday night.

Ring my bell.

Ring my bell.

The real humdinger came compliments of my galpal Jdub who not only made cupcakes with sparkles in the frosting but also bedazzled individual boxes for each guest with rhinestones and glitter.

I don't hate it.

Clearly the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

I mean, hello. I wish my friends knew me better.

I mean, hello. I wish my friends knew me better.

Decorator extraordinaire

Decorator extraordinaire is hired for the rest of my birthdays.

Slightly buzzed and on a sugar high, we pranced over to the club adjoining the restaurant and had zero fun.


Party hat pass around.

There, I met my gay soul mate (that’s for you Scooby…just seeing how often you read the blog! And Mr. Scooby you can’t tell him), as he was in the shiniest silver suit ever accompanied by a glitter vest. This is the exact outfit I would want my groom to wear – oh hell, it’s what I want to wear if I ever get hitched.


You know you’re in a gay club when a man tells you he adores your fascinator.

After all of the whirling, twirling, cupcakes, cocktails and shots there was just one gal standing at the end of the evening.



I’m sure you’re not shocked I drank everyone under the table.




23 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Party Style

  1. SerachShiro says:

    What a splendid 🙂 Birthday celebration, I laugh a lot about your description of your birth d. gifts ! Ooh yes I’m sure you drunk them all under the table and compliments to the lovely Picasso’s of your family !!

  2. markbialczak says:

    Awesome array of birthdayness, my dear CBXB. Fascinator? It’s fastened to what spot, exactly?

  3. What a great way to celebrate your birthday. Princess B is really funny with her blue nails. I can imagine that you’ll have some competition in the glamor stakes when she’s a bit older. 🙂

  4. Mitzie Mee says:

    Happy birthday! So many nice presents…and a gay soulmate, what more can you wish for? 🙂

  5. kellisamson says:

    A successful birthday weekend, for sure! Rest up this week – I’m sure you’ve got more fun planned for the weekend!

  6. Nancy says:

    Looks like a grand time!

  7. 1reddiva83 says:

    Lucky lucky. I need your job. I don’t mind going to concerts. Country has a beat I can get with it. lol

  8. JMC813 says:

    I said last call, quit ringin that damn bell!!!!! LMAO. You have some pretty knowledgeable friends when it comes to keeping a Birthday party going for WEEEEEKS!!!!! What a blast!!!!

  9. alexcellent says:

    Happy Birthday! That is a hilarious account of your birthday antics! So much fun. Cupcakes that sparkle and men in glitter suits – what more could you want! xox

  10. Now that is how to ring in a new 29!!!
    Love your fascinator and that bejeweled box is super cute but nothing cuter than your twinnies, love their shenanigans almost as much as yours!

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