Weekend Winks – I’m Baaaaaack!

Did you miss me while I was on a CBXB extended blogging vacay? Well, I sure as shit missed you!

Plunging right back into the classy party style life I lead was beyond easy this weekend with a visit from my bestie Scooby and his husband, Mr. Scooby.

My hair soulmate is all the way to the left...

Keeping it real. Real classy in Nashville.

See, Mr. Scooby and his friend Royal came to run the Country Music Half Marathon over the weekend.


Half of our group ran.

Half of our group got drunk while waiting for the runners.

Half of our group got drunk in the car while waiting for the runners.

When Scooby and I decided to take our party to the finish line, we were so busy taking selfies we failed to see either of our runners cross the finish line.

Too busy

But damn we looked good!

Once we found our competitors, I immediately forced Mr. Scooby to take off his shirt. You know, to help him cool off.

Shirt off for rest of weekend. THank you.

I hated walking around with him.

Although my two gorgeous gays ran their asses off, I was able to sneak into their spotlight.

Just a little photo bomb.

And they thought this day was about them.

While I was very busy trying to photo bomb every single picture the rest of the afternoon, my Iowa twins were accomplishing amazing feats of their own.

Who doesn't sit on the toilet in the kitchen?

Who doesn’t sit on the toilet in the kitchen?

Best place to read, obviously.

Best place to read, obviously.

There was a handsome potty training reward of Princess B’s all time favorite food/snack/meal/nourishment.


Will potty for salsa.

Will potty for salsa.

A half marathon completion calls for drinking. Especially for those of us who had to stand and cheer in between gulps of champagne.

Carry on.

Celebratory cocktails!

And what kind of party would this be if we didn’t keep on drinking right until brunch the following day?


Still going strong.

Partying with Reba

A Royal, a Reba and rare sober moment for CBXB.

My sobriety didn’t last long, as it was two for one mimosas and this is was the last round looked like at brunch…


We were really thirsty.

Upon finding ourselves out of libations, I forced Scooby to drink something that we hadn’t touched all weekend.

Water is so disgusting.

Water is so disgusting.

Who wants to go home after a morning full of cocktailing?

Not this crew. So we headed to my fave honky tonk to carry on the celebratory shenanigans.

Fave honky otnk

We don’t want the party to end.

Day drinking that turns into night drinking makes everyone feel sexy.

Especially when putting sunglasses on.

In a bar.

When it’s dark outside.

Sunglasses at night are so sexy. In 1981.

Sunglasses at night are so sexy. If it was 1981.

400 drinks in, we started with the photo shoots.

Model purrfect.

Perfect tipsy models.

And made strangers with wild hair become a part of our party.

My hair soulmate is all the way to the left...

Still sexy and we know it.

432 cocktails in, I became we became expert two steppers.

Dancing with someone who thinks she's a star.

Royal was forced to dance with someone who thinks she’s a star.

Upon giving him two very bruised feet, Royal took longer to recover from dancing with my graceless ass than he did his half marathon.


Straight women are exhausting.

And after the heartbreaking goodbye to my fave gays, this happened the rest of the weekend…

Couch? Check.

Pussy on shoulder? Check.

Sunglasses on until 11pm? Check.


Just keepin’ it real.

Here’s hoping your week is off to a semi-sober start.





22 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – I’m Baaaaaack!

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Ooh I missed you too it was a little time that I didn’t check all the blogs of my favourite bloggers but I have to say to you that you have some gorgeous friends and happily they were also in for a big laugh and a good drink during and after the half marathon together with you ! My weekend wasn’t so excited like yours but tomorrow I ‘ll have with my friends 🙂 !!

  2. JMC813 says:

    Welcome back friend. I too have been away. Still trying to catch up with all I have missed. It is reassuring to know the party still follows you wherever you go

    • I’m still in a vacation ‘hangover’ trying to catch up on everything that I missed while away. Mostly that’s because there’s a party following me, making it impossible to catch up on anything!

  3. markbialczak says:

    Life is good, CBXB is back, and I can party vicariously again. 🙂 ❤ This was a great one, my friend. Big time return.

  4. I’m exhausted after that, going for a drink now to revive! Good to see you BTW…!

  5. What the rest of us would call a “bender” or “lost weekend” is just a regular wknd… Awesome

  6. MrJohnson says:

    I’m glad you are not dead. I was getting worried.

  7. Nancy says:

    I always miss you!

  8. Scooby says:

    I actually read it!! I had so much fun!!!!! I kiss you so much already!

  9. Gary Lum says:

    Yes, I missed you 🙂 Welcome back.

  10. Welcome bac sexy lady!

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