Weekend Winks – Jazz Hands and Pull Ups

Why do weekends seem to disappear faster than a Houdini magic trick?

Girl time!

I only get my jazz hands out on the weekends.

My Iowa twins continue to transform into little people as potty training progresses.

Big shit.

Big shit.

Princess B never ceases to amaze me with her mad multitasking skills as she can blow her nails dry while trying to urinate in her port-a-potty that resides in the hallway so she can keep dibs on everyone.

Multitasking at its finest.

Triple threat.

While my niece was trying to get down to business, I was busy keeping dibs on a camera while out with the gals Saturday night in an attempt to capture the perfect picture.





photo proved exhausing

Success…for some of us.

I detoxed the rest of my weekend away by running jogging in the sunny, 75 degree weather…

Run it off.

Running it off.

…soaking in bubbles while caressing my liver with vino…

Soaked if off.

Soaking it in.

…and almost getting my face licked off by an overly slutty pussy.

Practically got my face liked off.

New Cat loves to maul.

Cheers to a fabulous week for you!



15 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Jazz Hands and Pull Ups

  1. SerachShiro says:

    🙂 Jazz hands, jogging (not too far) and a delicious vino are the best for a girl during the weekend !! ” Have a great another one 🙂 !

  2. Your neice is the bomba!!!

  3. Phil Lanoue says:

    Sure looks like you squeeze (or possibly beat the living hell) out of every possible moment of your weekend! Once again, very nicely done.

  4. So much fun on the weekends, but they go by way too fast!

  5. I don’t have one single pic of Jason potty training. I don’t exactly know why, but I have nothing to embarrass him with now that he’s all grown up. I feel sad about that.

  6. markbialczak says:

    Potty training privacy? She don’t need no stinking privacy! Like her aunt, much? And your photos, CBXB: So many blondes, so little face space. 😉 ❤ Glad to see you at the center of attention. That's my Megan.

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