Happy Cinco de Meowy!

Happy Cinco de Teddy Mayo from our Nashville mini manse to yours.


Ted got a margarita right after this pic was snapped. I got a claw to the face.




19 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Meowy!

  1. Happy White People Getting Drunk Day!

  2. Gonna reblog this if you don’t mind, I’m super busy with some projects, and also TTTT kind of bored with blogging all the time LOL. I’ve reduced it to a couple times a week. So Happy Cinco de MEOWY to you too!

  3. Reblogged this on Enchanted Seashells…Confessions of a Tugboat Captain's Wife and commented:
    From a blogging bestie, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  4. puneybones says:

    Love the tiny hats!

  5. 1reddiva83 says:

    Teddy is so cute. how many cat margaritas did it take for you get him to take the photo?lol

  6. OLÈ! Margaritas & nachos for all! Happy Cinqo xo reversecommuter

  7. SwittersB says:

    Oh I recognize those indignant eyes!! Watch out!!

  8. Phil Lanoue says:

    Can’t say I really blame the boy. Were I you, I might consider sleeping with one eye open. Ted may seek revenge for that tiny sombrero indignity.

  9. SerachShiro says:

    Loved this beautiful sweet photo, and I bad you had a very lovely Happy Cinco ! 🙂

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