Weekend Winks – Booze, Babes and Fur Balls

You know those nights when you mean to have one cocktail and then accidentally go to bed with the bottle?

Hello Weekend. We missed you.

Hello Weekend. We missed you.

Oh you don’t know that feeling? Well, I lost track of how many ounces were consumed during a marathon gab fest Friday night where I meant to stop at my girl Jdub’s for a few drinks.

But then it was who knows what time and black stretch pants came out of her closet and my heels were thrown to the floor.

Yoga pants and bare feet for everyone!

Yoga pants and bare feet for everyone!

Then all of a sudden it was light outside and when I tried to pry my super glued eyelids open (well, that’s what it feels like when you accidentally sleep in your hard contacts), I found my face full of fur under this ass…

She's just big boned.

My neck felt amazing.

When I went to take my dehydrated, foggy visioned self home I couldn’t find my leopard jeans, so I rolled out in Jdub’s bootleg yoga pants that hit me at my ankles. Which nicely featured my sky high heels on a very early Saturday morning fashion don’t.

Hello hot stuff.

A whole different kind of walk of shame complete with white dog hair covering every inch of black material.

My Iowa twins were also rolling around in fur but it was by choice. I mean, who doesn’t dress up in their Halloween giddy-ups for the shits and giggles of it?

Cat and dogs. Dogs and cats.

This puppy loves a belly rub.

When dressing up gets old and boring after six minutes, there’s nothing like a little face paint.

Dirty Prince.

Dirty Prince.

Dirty Princess

Dirtier Princess.

But not to worry, they clean up to be two of the cutest faces on the planet.

Clean up real nice. Sparkling

A sparkling duo.

I bet Prince and Princess B wished their auntie would clean up her act but it is simply impossible. My dad and I were loading up on Skinny Pirates at Dalts when a fellow patron showed us my new favorite app.  You select a photo and the app puts a caption with it.

My dad got eaten by a shark…


…while I think the person who created this app knows me a little too well.


Speaking of drinking, look what is now on the beer market –

Cross Bones Beer

I think they could have used some of my sparkliness in their labels, yes?

As the weekend wound down, it was time to snuggle up with my fave houseguest and chug, Precious.

Sweet face

She knows she’s cute.

Luckily for me Presh and the cats get along fabulously. Maybe even a little too fabulously. Because now there’s barely room for my ample derriere on my leopard lair. Especially when New Cat is conducting high kicks.

Barely room for me.

I was given seven inches of space.

Here’s hoping you get a little more space on the couch than me this week.




18 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Booze, Babes and Fur Balls

  1. SerachShiro says:

    So adorable the twins, dirty and clean like little elf’s and how incredible that there’s existing this kind of beer with your same name 🙂 !! Say to all your lovely animals to move seats because there comes Mammma ……….:) !

  2. markbialczak says:

    You have found the perfect sponsor for this blog. And they have found the perfect spokeswoman for their beer. SCORE, CBXB. Get them on your phone fast! Hello, marketing?!

  3. Ted looked to be contemplating jumping on the doggie. I can tell he at least wanted to plot something. Laziness won, but I think the intent was there, fleetingly.

  4. JMC813 says:

    The party never ends with you and for that I must say only…..BRAVO! BTW, Drinking and making bad choices is okay as long as they are accompanied by Jazz Hands!!! LOL. Keep Rockin CBXB.

  5. I really do like your shoes…and am going to reserve comment on the complete Walk O’ Shame ensemble.
    Cannot get enough of the yummy twinsies!!!!
    Enjoy the week – and have a skinny pirate for me too pls!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend of booze and hairballs!

  7. Those costumes are the bomb!

  8. You NEED to contact them to become a Brand Ambassador. For REAL. Let them pay you to do what you do best lol. Glad you are back in rare form!

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