Weekend Winks – Red, White and Booze

Dreary skies didn’t keep the fun out of the Fourth of July holiday weekend in Nashville.  The crew and I were going to have a fabulous time – even if we had to enlist in the party patrol.

Patriotic party patrol.

Patriotic party on patrol.

Not everyone was in the spirit of celebrating. Prince B wasn’t sure what to think of his new headpiece as he paraded around his kitchen in Iowa.

Serious Statue of Liberty.

Serious Statue of Liberty.

While the real life sculpture was sulky, there was zero hesitation on my part whether or not to fete the weekend – no matter how shitty the weather. It was still hot enough for a boat ride accompanied with a bag of wine for classy, cooling off shenanigans.

Wine not?

This can also be used as a pillow if a party goer needs to pass out.

Between the over consumption of vino and the precarious monsoon-like weather, I kept refreshed in the lovely I-don’t-care-why-it’s-brown-because-I’ve-had-too-much-to-drink colored lake.

Cool down in the cool rain.

Cocktails helped keep my composure in the non-crystal clear lake.

Princess B had a much better (smarter, cleaner, safer) way of keeping her body temp in check by slurping on a slice of watermelon.

Keeping cool with water melon.

Star spangled smartie.

Not to be outdone by my niece, I threw on a matching outfit but sipped on something a bit more my speed.

Choosing another route.

Bringing the best out for a holiday.

Dada CBXB double fisted to stars and stripes forever as he downed a very American meal of … chips and salsa.

Double fisting cool down.

Red, white and brew baby.

Meanwhile I was policing my two pussies as they tried to create their own fireworks all weekend by demanding to drink out of the same dish at the same time, acting as if they had their sights set on the last nine ounces of water left on the planet.

Double up cool down

Party patrol on high alert.

Here’s hoping you find your own way to keep the blistery summer heat at bay.

Might I suggest something with booze?





13 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Red, White and Booze

  1. SerachShiro says:

    🙂 It’s a beautiful good sensation swimming and drinking also is it have to be in a brown lake and I adore your American meal of chips and salsa ……….!

  2. JMC813 says:

    Always able to make a good time outta any given situation. Bad weather be damned, CBXB has got the party patrol working double shifts!!!

  3. Looks like good times as always. Double fistin’ pops is tops! See what I did there? Rhymes! Gonna be heading your way in a couple of weeks. Maybe we’ll drop the kids off with you and the cats at Dalt’s so the wife and I can escape! Lol.

  4. As long as there is family, booze, and fun it’s all good no matter what the weather!

  5. markbialczak says:

    Love that wine choice, Megan. You’re in the bag before you even start drinking! 😉 Happy Fourth for Teddy and New Cat. I think they need Bag Water, you know? You look fabulous as ever, my dear. ❤

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