Weekends Winks – Parties, Pussies and Precious

Weekends are typically welcomed with opened paws at my mini manse but when it’s college football season, I wish the five working days would fly by faster than I can chug a Skinny Pirate.

We hate football. Obviously.

We hate football.

Coming as zero shock to anyone who remotely knows me, I accidentally lost my goddamned mind while perusing the Halloween aisles of Target (my mothership) slightly inebriated after a Friday evening at Dalts.  Being a celebration queen, I’m thinking of charging admission (one bottle of Captain per person) into my mini manse during the month of October.

Hello. I have a problem and it's called Halloween.

Hello. I have a problem and it’s called Halloween.

While I was busy with my spiked pumpkins, Prince B was prepping for a Hawkeye game against our in state rivals, the Iowa State Cyclones.


How could any team deny this face a W?

Princess B was more concerned with her fingernails than football.

My mini me.

Remind you of anyone?

Dada CBXB and I decided to go party with the Nashville Iowa Club downtown for the game watch and our decision proved to be a wise one.

Reserved for

Reserved for the two biggest Hawk fans in Tennessee.

This club didn't know what was about to it them...

This club didn’t know what was about to it them

Joined by Camo and my gal pal Bird Lady, we enjoyed our traditional touchdown shot after every seven points was put on the scoreboard by our fellas in black and gold.

Shot one!

Shot one!

Shot two...

Shot two!

Somewhere in between three and four....

Somewhere in between three and four….

Watching the game with 170 of our closest Hawkeye friends was everything I wanted it to be and more – mostly due to the fact that the boisterous crowd cheered like our team had just won the Super Bowl – no matter if we’d just scored or just earned a first down.

Hawks win! Hawks win!

Hawks win! Hawks win!

With a victorious 31-17 score and our bellies bloated with moonshine, the entire crowd joined in for a rendition of the “Hawkeye Victory Polka” (which probably gives you an idea why my liver is still thriving as my alma mater sings this song during games as frequently as our fight song).


In a more poignant moment, the Hawkeyes paid tribute to former player (and former New York Giant), Tyler Sash, who suddenly passed away last week at just 27 years old by wearing his number on their helmets.

A nice win in tribute of Tyler Sash.

RIP #9

Cuddling up on the couch seemed like the best Saturday night idea of all time until I realized that Precious the chug smelled like a sewage container.

Stank ass.

Such a stank ass little pig pen, Ted couldn’t even face her.

So we remedied the problem much to her dismay.

Presh isn't so sure about being so fresh and so clean clean.

Presh isn’t so sure about being so fresh and so clean clean.

Because Mr. Bear is still in recovery from his month long debacle with illness, Clark and Cousin Eddie are spending some quality time with Dada CBXB and love being the stars of his show.

Griswold twins hanging at Gpa's pad.

Griswold twins hanging at Gpa’s pad.

The human twins didn’t want to just hang on Sunday because they were anxiously watching the construction of all things fun in their backyard…

Anticipation o

Worth the wait!

I can’t wait to dominate play time on this bitch.

Seeing photos of swings made me dizzy on Sunday but that didn’t stop me from going on a hot brunch date…

…with my cat….

…on my couch…

….who proceeded to eat the other side of my sandwich.

Taking crazy to an entirely new level.

Taking crazy to an entirely new level.

Judge away.


10 thoughts on “Weekends Winks – Parties, Pussies and Precious

  1. SerachShiro says:

    🙂 Congrats with your winning team and your animals are all gorgeous, they are lucky to have you and the Human twins are so adorable and what a fun photo with Ted !

  2. kellisamson says:

    I’ve heard the Halloween section at Tarjay is crazy-awesome this year! And you’ve got to remind me where the Chug comes from – keep seeing that sweet face, but feel like I missed something. Is it yours???

    • The Halloween section at Tarjay is fucking insane. INSANE. I feel like they designed every single thing just for me. I can’t stop! The Chug is a friend’s dog, so I watch Presh when he travels. Although he’s been traveling so much, she’s technically mine ALL MINE!

  3. Your liver must take a beating during college footbal season!

  4. Wait. Are those really leather-like, SPIKED PUMPKINS? They look like a BDSM torture device, but I STILL WANT THEM. Halloween!
    Although the only celebration of mine, again, will be a host of vampires and pumpkins on my nails, since nobody around celebrates – but hey 🙂 I’ll have a party by myself 🙂 Half of the population here still thinks Haloween is witchcraft and Satan.

    Anyway, whoop woop victory! Also, it’s like Lady and the Tramp! Except it’s Ted and you and a sandwich instead of spaghetti ;)))

    • GIRL. The pumpkins are not leather but they are studded – and fabulous! Your celebration sounds just perfect. How can you go wrong with vampire and pumpkin nails?! The door to my haunted house is always open for you!

  5. JMC813 says:

    More craziness to be had in your neck of the woods. Congrats to your Hawkeyes and also to the Titans as well. Good weekend for football for you. Keep smiling friend

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