Weekend Winks – Snoozin’ and Boozin’

There’s really never a dull moment in Nashville, unless you want there to be one (but what fun is that?!) so the weekend kicked off in full force at an NHL game where I met my hockey soul mate, Bob.

Me and my Predator's squeeze...Bob.

Bob the fan referee and his classy new sidekick who swiped his fedora.

Speaking of classy, aren’t the chicks who continuously take selfies in the stands beyond annoying?

Water is awesome.

We know.

I am a gigantic fan of snail mail – and an even bigger fan when a package is sent my way. Especially when it involves Christmas AND my Iowa Hawkeyes. So I was beyond excited to rip open this gift from my sister upon my return from the ice rink.


Gifts just because make my world go round.

A little box of heaven.


While we’re on the subject of Iowa, you know I think my twins are the shit (well, because they just are) but not simply because they’re related to me (let’s be real – how lucky can they be?). My heart tends to burst with pride purely calling them my niece and nephew but when they seem to follow in Auntie CBXB’s footsteps – well, that almost makes my head pop off.

Just a model

While Prince B mugs it up for the camera…


…Princess B knows the exact timing for a perfect photo bomb.

Skills run in the fam.

The mad skills run in the family. Obviously.

It wouldn’t be a fall weekend without a whole lotta college football fun and my mini manse was geared up and ready to go for some Iowa Hawkeye domination on Saturday.

Tailgate time!

Tailgate time!

Being that Iowa has been a severely mediocre team at best the past five seasons, to keep the games interesting Dada CBXB and I instilled the fine family tradition of doing a shot of moonshine after each Hawkeye touchdown a few years ago.

Little did we ever assume, believe, know that our fellas in black and gold would ever score more than four touchdowns in a single game…

Shot #1

Shot #1

Shot #2

Shot #2

Shot #3

Shot #3

Shot #4

Shot #4

Somewhere in between touchdown six and seven, we lost count…

Winning is exhausting.

Winning is exhausting.

But not really!

But not really!

You’d think a final victorious score of 62-16 would impress anyone but of course my pissy pussy Ted could have given two shits.


Who gives a flying fuck about football? Rub my belly bitch.

I’m pretty sure the evil eye bracelet my buddy brought back to me from Greece had something to do with my spectacular weekend full of shenanigans.

I'm never taking this off.

I’m never taking this off.

Evil juju be damned!




18 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Snoozin’ and Boozin’

  1. SerachShiro says:

    🙂 Hahaha ………..you always make me giggling, thanks for the action, lovely tailgate time photo and fun here in your lovely story, please don’t change ever !!

  2. markbialczak says:

    You are going to be so shit-faced after the Maryland game, Megan. So many touchdowns will be scored by the Hawkeyes. Oh, my.

  3. JMC813 says:

    Hockey, six Saturday morning shots, a pissed off pussy, and a wrist full of evil eyes to glare at every showing of the jazz hands mid photobomb. Awesome shenanigans to be sure!!!

    • Hey – I owe you a belated birthday wish! JAZZ HANDS and moonshine shots in your honor this weekend (that is, if we score morning touchdowns with another 11am kickoff this week)!

      • JMC813 says:

        Ummmmm I am either losing it or you are too badass for words. Did I mention my B-day recently or are you just too awesome for words? The answer to that could very well be BOTH!! Thanks SO much CBXB. For the wishes and especially the jazz hands. Wish you were here to photobomb me and the cake. LOL

      • Awe man! I wish I was there to photobomb you and your cake too!

  4. He looks like Wilfred Brimley. And teddy looks like he is feeling better and gaining weight. I’m so thrilled he is mending.

  5. Wanderin Poet says:

    He looks like a bald Captain Kangaroo.

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