Baby Back Twins

A crazy trifecta.

A trifecta of crazy.

It’s no secret that I am bat shit cray cray over my niece and nephew who reside in Iowa.  While I’m certifiably nuts over the twins, my pussies (especially Ted), the Iowa Hawkeyes and Skinny Pirates, my teeny kinfolk (a snazzy word I’ve picked up since living in the South) are bananas over chips and salsa.

Chips and salsa for everyone!

Chips and salsa for every meal please.

She means fucking business.

Princess B means fucking business.

While any old brand will typically do the trick when they get a hankering, there is one place that ranks highly in the hearts of the twins in regard to salsa.

Twins of a different sort.

Twins of a different sort and their mothership of salsa.

A love for all things about the Chili’s casual dining experience, the twins go banana pants when it comes to the food served.


A cheesehead stringing his snack out.

Of course the main dish is typically copious amounts of salsa.

Happy place.

Happy place.

Salsa and cheese. The gifts that keep on giving.

Salsa and cheese.
The gifts that keep on giving.

Just recently, a new adoration was revealed after a family sing-a-long of one of Chili’s most famous commercial jingles. (I mean, what classy family in desperate need of toddler entertainment doesn’t dig advertisement songs out from the past to pass down from generation to generation?)

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, please tune in to the two virtuoso versions below. Yes, my heart is bursting with pride over the renditions of “Chili’s Baby Back Ribs“.

Allow me to set the twins up.


I want my baby-back-baby-back-baby-back-baby-back.

I want my baby-back-baby-back-baby-back-baby-back.

Naturally, I’m waiting by the phone for the marketing department of Chili’s to call and offer Prince and Princess B contracts (of course I’ll be the auntager, giving Kris Jenner a run for her billions).





13 thoughts on “Baby Back Twins

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  4. SerachShiro says:

    So fun with your lovely twins, singing and eating delicious salsa and I guess they will phone auntager, (you) very soon to offer a billion contact with the twins ! 🙂

  5. markbialczak says:

    Those babies are too sweet for their own good, Megan. They got back, those kinfolk of yours. ❤

  6. […] My Iowa twins kicked off their Friday cozying up by water slides at the swim park in between mouthfuls of chips and salsa. […]

  7. kellisamson says:

    Oh, my gosh – love hearing those cute little voices! She is such a ham! No clue where she got that from…

  8. Enjoy with the kiddies and have a fun weekend!

  9. JMC813 says:

    I can see the chips and salsa endorsements on the horizon for the twins. With you as their Auntager, I think we can expect some sort of bidding war to ensue before their services are offered up to the highest bidder. Monetary wealth AND a never ending supply of chips and salsa will undoubtedly be part of the deal.

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