Weekend Winks – Thirst Quencher

Sometimes rough weeks call for more than one bottle drink at a time. Thank god I have family who never lets me quench my thirst alone – even if they are 900 miles away in Iowa.

Runs in the family.

True sister love right here, folks.

After a dehydrating Friday evening, what better way to spend Saturday than with a fellow animals-are-better-than-humans-loving gal pal?

Pussy Galore and Birdy Lady.

Pussy Galore and Bird Lady.

I was so depleted in brain cells parched, the decision to decide on just one drink was too much for my noggin. So I ordered one of everything (with a side of gluten free biscuits and gravy).

Yes, I went to the bathroom 1,956,298 times.

Yes, I went to the bathroom 1,956,298 times after brunch.

Settling on my favorite breakfast liquid of mimosas, our afternoon ended something like…

Day drinking at its finest, folks.

Day drinking at its finest, folks.

Just kidding.

We ended up sauntering over to see First Mate and let her dote on our drinking needs with tequila.

Because clearly I needed more.

Because clearly I needed more to loosen up.

My Iowa twins were up to all kinds of fun this weekend, starting with a royal make-up job.

My fave princess with Princess Elsa face paint.

My fave princess with Princess Elsa face paint.

This little lady turned into a mini Kim Kardashian while admiring herself (and I can’t say that I hate it).

Selfie mania.

My heart swells with selfie taking pride.

Prince B was decidedly more thrilled with the idea of snack break than face paint.


Screamin’ for ice cream.

My house full of pussy turned it down a notch come Sunday and lounged on the porch.


Yes, Ruby Sue’s eyes do glow in the dark. And Ted’s pissed his don’t if you can’t tell.

Mr. Bear kinda whored around, spreading his little Grinch lovin’ around.


Rocky and a bull headed Ted.

I thought little Elsa Pants may have jumped off the porch to escape the furry madness but thankfully I found her in the midst of bedding lined up waiting to be cleaned.



While we were busy lazing around the mini manse, the twins were having a white trash play day.

White trash kinda play day.

Classing up the neighborhood topless.

Sunday funday can tucker a toddler out, so thankfully the twins got their big kid beds this weekend.

A girl and her dog.

My dogphew Spike may have been the most excited about this development.

Sad to see a weekend end, I ended up in a tub full of suds, soaking up the best my glass of vino had to offer.


Favorite wind down.

Here’s hoping your weekend didn’t leave you thirsty.




3 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Thirst Quencher

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Hi you had a wonderful breakfast where everyone would be jealous on and the twins are getting older and are like always beautiful ! Ending up in a tub in that way is a blissful end to a wonderful weekend 🙂 !

  2. paws2smile says:

    I love the shirt (or dress?) the princess is wearing! 🙂

  3. JMC813 says:

    Friends bearing drinks, a house full of cattitude, and family updates. Awesome way to spend a weekend JH. Keep it chillin………

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