Howdy from CBXB!

This is a slice of the sparkly pink life from a Northern girl living in a Southern world. I call Nashville, TN home and live with my main feline squeeze, Teddy.

Love at first meow.

The love of my life is covered in gray fur. Don’t judge.

Loving all things sequin, leopard, skulls, cocktails (Captain Morgan, wine and vodka, mostly) and shiny (I was a raccoon in a former life for sure), I’m sharing aspects from my point-of-view that tend to kick ass.

Holla at me…

Twitter: @CowboysXBones

Instagram: cowboysandcrossbones





93 thoughts on “Howdy!

  1. Love your style! Love the pink! Love the name! My six-year-old son tells me “Boys don’t have hearts Mum, we have crossbones.” Love it.

  2. very nice to meetcha. any friend of baz is a friend of mine!

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  5. markbialczak says:

    Award time again, this time the Liebster. I came up with the 11 questions myself. Please have fun with it, CBXB. Congratulations.

  6. […] is the Russian Blue mix who looks after Cowboys and Crossbones. Teddy is a formidable candidate. I knew I wanted to work for him the minute I found out he […]

Holla at me!

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