The Pussy Posse

Mr. Ted E. Bear

The fur ball love of my life, Ted crossed over to the rainbow bridge on August 16, 2017 but will remain a constant on this blog. Being a crazy cat lady, his memory will be alive and well here because he was the star of my life (and this blog) for so long. Below is what was on his own page he held down since 2012.

“Introducing the main character in my life, Teddy Bear. A Russian Blue mix rescued from a one bedroom apartment of 30 cats by the Nashville Cat Rescue, Ted is my real, live stuffed animal – and it was love at first meow. He will also be referred to on this blog as Mr. Bear, Ted, TB, Teddy Ruxpin, Teddy Krueger, Teddy Back Bear, and Tedstar (yes, he does answer to all names – although often times pretends he can’t hear me).”

But let’s be real. A cray cray cat lady is a cray cray cat lady and I’ve aquired a small zoo over recent years.

Now, I’m thrilled to introduce the alive and kickin’ Pussy Posse to you – age before beauty.

Precious the Chug

Age 12. Acts like a puppy. Looks like an Ewok.

Also known as Preshy, Presh, P, Pweshy (as my Iowa twins call her).

Rocky the Gentle Giant

Age 5. Also known as Bigs, Rocco.

Could teach pussy yoga.

Ruby Sue the Menace

Age 5. Also known as Thundercunt, Thundy, TC.

Fabio the Fuck Face

Age 3. Also known as Fabies, Faabs (pronounced Fahbs), Fartio and Fabio Le Pew.

This gorgeous guy farts and darts when he gets nervous.

Princess Elsa Pants of Resting Bitch Face

Age 2. Also known as Pants, Stank Face and Smalls.

While I sound like a walking, talking billboard of how to remain single for the rest of one’s life, I don’t give a fuck (I also love candles and reading books – DREAM GIRL).

Oh hi there. You love cats, too?

So glad they’re mine.

I do expect you regular readers to memorize all names for the entire Pussy Posse, with nicknames included if you want to be true super fans. And if that’s too hard, I will let you buy me a Skinny Pirate next time we run into each other and I quiz you.




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