Up close and personal.

Ted crossed over to the rainbow bridge on August 16, 2017 but will remain a constant on this blog. Being a crazy cat lady, his memory will be alive and well here because he was the star of my life for so long.

Introducing the main character in my life, Teddy Bear. A Russian Blue mix rescued from a one bedroom apartment of 30 cats by the Nashville Cat Rescue, Ted is my real, live stuffed animal – and it was love at first meow. He will also be referred to on this blog as Mr. Bear, Ted, TB, Teddy Ruxpin, Teddy Krueger, Teddy Back Bear, and Tedstar (yes, he does answer to all names – although often times pretends he can’t hear me).



115 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. […] the immediate days after, the reality of Newie’s absence was tough on Ted and I had to search for him as he took to grieving in random […]

  2. […] no matter how unwell Ted is feeling, he can still be such a little bitch showing his obvious disdain for myself for taking […]

  3. […] you may well know (and he most definitely knows), the king of my castle is Mr. Ted E. Bear. Not only does this feline rule my roost non-stop, he has a version of kitty Celiac disease and […]

  4. […] a week at the pet hospital (he’s still there recovering), my always dramatic main squeeze Ted was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis, both of which are treatable in […]

  5. […] a stank ass little pig pen, Ted couldn’t even face […]

  6. […] So you can imagine that Sunday went a little something like this with my main squeeze, Ted. […]

  7. […] think a final victorious score of 62-16 would impress anyone but of course my pissy pussy Ted could have given two […]

  8. […] who reside in Iowa.  While I’m certifiably nuts over the twins, my pussies (especially Ted), the Iowa Hawkeyes and Skinny Pirates, my teeny kinfolk (a snazzy word I’ve picked up since […]

  9. […] As soon as I landed in Nashville, I nestled down with my favorite pussy. […]

  10. […] Ted was exhausted from all of the weekend shenanigans (of course) so he made it beyond difficult to do anything the rest of the weekend. […]

  11. […] My pussy caught in a blatant act of cheating and not giving a fuck. […]

  12. […] are not really wanting to leave Dada CBXBs’s abode as he has been spoiling them rotten while Ted is still on the mend for his recent bought with […]

  13. […] Royal Highness, the ever dramatic Tedstar, who spent two weeks in a pet hospital ICU (mostly because he refused to eat and take a shit, […]

  14. […] of puppies, Precious the chug spent some time with Ted and yours truly at the mini manse.  When it came time to snuggle, Presh (or Pweshy, as the twins […]

  15. […] yes, that old photo pisses The Bear […]

  16. […] in a hole the size of the Grand Canyon and wallow like a beached whale on my leopard couch with my favorite fur ball Ted for the past 30 […]

  17. […] But what in the fuck have I been doing the past four weeks (besides wallowing on the couch with Ted)? […]

  18. […] other than an ongoing police case, the fact I have no employment, the furball love of my life Ted developed a serious heart condition within two weeks and wanted to provide me some light life […]

  19. […] Teddy was so tired, he couldn’t even muster a glance at the camera – and we all know how he likes to be the star of the show. […]

  20. […] I was slaving away doing loads of laundry and redecorating small spaces, Ted, Rocky and Elsa Pants were a huge help while waiting for new sheets to be put on the […]

  21. […] Ruby Sue’s eyes do glow in the dark. And Ted’s pissed his don’t if you can’t […]

  22. […] none of the water park action, Ted and his shadow Elsa Pants barely moved the entire […]

  23. […] and put one foot in front of the other for my favorite pussy, my best friend, my main squeeze, Mr. Ted E. Bear (who is costing almost as much as rent with his meds these days but you know (and he knows) […]

  24. […] marked a milestone in the mini manse. The baby, Elsa Pants, ventured to Ted’s glass of kitty caviar – and lived to tell about […]

  25. […] the most wonderful time of the year (aside from my birthday, Ted’s birthday, Christmas and the Iowa State […]

  26. […] snooty duo of Ted and Presh stuck side-by-side, warming my leopard couch up for the premiere of The Walking Dead […]

  27. […] A true pussy for President. […]

  28. […] a true party animal seeking to be the center of attention at all times, I knew my Tedstar was feeling low when I had to force him to take a […]

  29. […] from my own loins, I look to carry on this particular family tradition with main fur ball squeeze, Mr. Ted E. Bear. He’s grown into having a real knack for knowing when to hit notes on […]

  30. […] (who moi?) lose their fucking minds and adopt three cats at once without first consulting their existing pussy and […]

  31. […] A slight shade off from my #1 pussy of all time, Mr. Ted E. Bear. […]

  32. […] weekend would be complete without an evening full of leopard couch time with Ted – who now has his own personal shadow named Elsa […]

  33. […] sister and Gma shared on the last days of our grandma’s life. Of course, I had a picture of my stank-eyed pussy Ted, too, from that […]

  34. […] But instead of staying cemented where I was upon receiving this news (on my leopard couch, with Ted on my chest naturally) I inched ahead as life proves it stops for no […]

  35. […] In my case, I just wear a shirt that makes me my own sunshine. Of course, having a little snuggly Teddy Bear helps, […]

  36. […] you expect from me?), where I’m not the queen. That role is of course, has been occupied by His Royal Highness Teddy Bear ever since I rescued his ass seven years ago. I’ve happily played the role of loyal servant […]

  37. […] been just over a month since I suddenly lost the furry little love of my life, Ted. And while I can’t yet write a full post about the magnitude of his loss to me, I miss him […]

  38. […] day after I was raped. She passed just a little over a month ago, ten days after I suddenly lost the fur ball love of my life, Ted. The searing losses felt like a hot iron had been stabbed into my chest. I’d never experienced […]

  39. […] time of year has become bittersweet, as I am severely missing my Mr. Ted E. Bear , because I’m bat shit crazy enough to dress pussies up in costume. And we’d have been […]

  40. […] With this being the first holiday season without Aunt Crazy Pants and the fur ball love of my life, Ted, grief has also been a constant companion even though there are crazy fun memories of hilarity, […]

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