Skinny Pirates

They call me Captain.

CBXB as Captain.

My cocktail of choice (but certainly not the only one to cross these lips of mine) is Captain Morgan and Diet Coke, aka “Skinny Pirate.” I can often be found guzzling SPs on a Friday night at one of my favorite Nashville establishments, Dalt’s Grill (my personal Cheers) and I love the rum so much, most of my friends call me Captain.

My bartender's version of my refill.

My fave bartender’s version of my refill.

Skinny Pirates were named long ago in my family (and ages before the recent besiege of ‘skinny’ cocktails – we could have been millionaires – fuck!), and this spicy spirit has been by my side like a true Captain steering a ship.  I can always count on its comforts, whether I’m coving out in the Lake of the Ozarks, tailgating at a Tennessee Titans game or simply wallowing in my sparkly life.

What I’m trying to convey is my love for this rum.  And before you start sending me contact information on certain meetings, I will remind you that the liver is a self-regenerating organ and I could never abandon my Skinny Pirates after all they’ve done for me.

Captain Morgan lights up my life. Don’t judge.





64 thoughts on “Skinny Pirates

  1. journeyman1977 says:

    the Ozarks, tailgating and Captain Morgan…already hooked on your blog! 🙂 already got me feeling homesick 🙂 just got started but I’ll be back to rummage through your previous posts 🙂

  2. st sahm says:


  3. Chef Randall says:

    Hey Cowgirl, thanks for stopping by and viewing my blog today. 🙂

    Chef Randall

  4. poet365 says:

    Candy is good for you too you know? 🙂
    Okay far too forward for my first visit to
    your blog so I will be really good from
    now on 🙂 Enjoy your drinks, it’s Friday 🙂

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  8. adinparadise says:

    Thanks for explaining what a Skinny Pirate is. Here I was imagining Johnny Depp on a diet. 😀

  9. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

  10. […] CBXB is a fabulous feline and Skinny Pirate lover (needless to say, we have a bit in common) from Nashville. […]

  11. NancyTex says:

    Love the Skinny Pirate! But damn! You should have trademarked that shizzle before Bethany cornered the market on the skinny bitch brand!

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