Pussy Self Portrait


Our feline buddy Mr. Bowie, the handsome kit cat over at Hands On Bowie posted about how he took a selfie with a relatively new iOS app perfectly called Cat Selfie.  Being the cray cray cat lady I am, the app immediately found a home on my phone in about three seconds flat. I could barely wait to show Ted how to take selfies. The only problem was, I had to figure the f’ing app out myself (being blonde is super hard work).


What the F?

Once you open the app, a little flashing lazer zooms all over the screen to attract attention from the always unimpressed cat. Every time the screen on your device is touched, a photo is taken and saved in your pictures. Had I mentally processed the not complicated in the slightest directions, I would have avoided looking like such a confused dumb ass on my test run. I ended up erasing 106 of my own selfies once I masted the art of simply touching the mother f’ing screen.

When I showed the laser to Ted, he instantly became his own Annie Leibovitz instructing himself how to pose and then capturing the (im)perfect shot.

Attempt 1

I could hear TB thinking, “God, I look good.”


Action on the couch shot.


His final masterpiece.

While these photos won’t end up anywhere but my refrigerator (cat moms post ‘artwork’ too), Mr. Bear now he thinks he’s a Cat Selfie connoisseur.

I’ve created a monster.