Weekend Winks – The Catch Up

Never did I ever think I’d get the reaction I did upon sharing my experience of bad shit happening to a good person last week. Seldom am I left speechless but I can’t think of words powerful enough to convey my gratitude for the flood of support I’ve received in the last few days. The onslaught of kind thoughts, comments, messages and shared stories have been like a gigantic, constant hug of comfort from each and every one of you. I’ll never forget your kindness, you fabulous humans.

I hit the jackpot with peeps like you in my life.

I hit the jackpot with peeps like you in my life – and maybe also a Super Bowl bet.

But what in the fuck have I been doing the past four weeks (besides wallowing on the couch with Ted)?

Well, I’ve still been on the hunt for a full-time gig, since losing my job right before Christmas.

Current day job.

Best co-worker ever.

Some of us are working harder than others.

Some of us are working harder than others.

While I have been sitting on my ass eating my emotions (obvies prepping for bikini season), my favorite human duo experienced the beach for the first time.

Picture perfect Prince and Princess B.

Picture perfect Prince and Princess B.

Some fun in the sun and sand.

Two little rays of sun…one with a major ‘tude.

Even my dogphew Spike pretended he was in Florida livin’ the life.

Channeling Princess B.

Channeling his favorite little diva.

In recent weeks the main squeeze in my life, Mr. Ted E. Bear, has been back at the vet.  We’ve sadly discovered that he has a funky heart that could last days, weeks, months or years.

Sad heart.

Teddy’s least favorite counter on the planet.

While I have been freaked the fuck out (wondering when I am going to solidify my residency at the nut house), Bear is keeping cool and continuing to act like his old self doing nothing but stuffing his whisker pie hole with kitty caviar and snoozing his days away.

Gold medalist.

Not concerned in the slightest.

And……..to give Ted some more company (and maybe because I’m seriously just fucked in the head), hoping to give him more reasons to remain on this planet than just moi, this happened….


Bring on the crazy.

Yep. I’m cerifiably banana pants.

But we all already knew that, didn’t we?