Weekend Winks

It’s been a whirlwind of holiday parties here in Nashville and I’ve been happy to partake!

Teddy never recovered from last weekend’s events, therefore he was bound and determined to get me to stay home by laying on my blazer as I party primped Friday night.

Bound and determined to get me to stay home all weekend.

You’re leaving? Over my furry body.

And of course I was able to coax Ted off with a little help from my sparkling accessories with which he’s enamored.

Ho! Ho! Holiday party arm candy. Is there ever enough?

Ho! Ho! Holiday party arm candy. Is there ever enough?

Being in charge of my company’s party, I was on hand early to help set up.


The Great Room at Fontanel Mansion.  One of about 40 rooms in Barbara Mandrell’s previous home.

Of course I took about 4,256 photos (which I will be sharing later!) but one of our party goers had a sparkle lens. YES I SAID A SPARKLE LENS!

Taken with a sparkle lens. Yes, I said a sparkle lens!

My mom and I in all of our sparkle glory.  I need a fancy camera just so I can obtain this fabulous lens.

Working at a production company, I’m surrounded by overloads of testosterone daily. Here’s a small dose of my workplace ‘brothers.’

Just one of the guys.

Just one of the guys.

And with an open bar, bruises like this are bound to be acquired.  I think the purple, green and yellow bruising just add to all of my holiday fun (just makes Christmas shopping a little more painful).

It takes talent to bruise your ankle

I may have stumbled down a few stairs but didn’t spill one drop of my cocktail. Talent.

Upon recovering from my Friday night shenanigans, I was off to a birthday party Saturday afternoon.

Partying with my smaller side kick, Bella Bob.

Partying with my smaller side kick, Bella Bob for her dad’s birthday.

And then a date with my 30 ounce glass of merriment. A favorite holiday glass – not only because it holds almost an entire bottle of wine but it also has quite the clever take on a Christmas song.

Oh Come Let Us Adore Me! 30 oz of goodness.

Oh Come Let Us Adore Me!

All Teddy could do was cat nap on Sunday and I can’t say that I blame him.

You know Ted's tired when he puts his leg up for a belly rub.

You know Ted’s tired when he puts his leg up for a belly rub.

Teddy looks how I still feel on Monday morning, sitting at work wishing it Friday at five.

Thank God the holidays only come once a year!



I’m obsessed with skulls (hence the crossbones moniker of my blog).

Not the cutesy, hair bow wearing skulls but the scary looking kind.  And I have no reasonable explanation as to why (except that deep down, I have an inner rock star).

With it being a month filled with thrills and chills, I’ve decided to share some of my lovelies (which horrify my Gma – “why do you like those ugly things?”) that tend to accessorize almost every outfit I wear.  I’ve had most of these pieces for a few years and love them so much, hopefully I never wear them out!

Silver skull ring, eBay. Gifted pewter skull ring, Kirklands.

Arm candy.  Black bracelet, gift. Pewter and silver bead bracelets, Charming Charlie.

My version of brass knuckles.

Gifted to me by Santa last year, made by Macy’s elves.

Men’s watch, Marc Ecko. Pink bracelet, random airport shopping.

One Eyed Willie. Skull charm, Juicy Couture.

Bag of tricks, Betsy Johnson.

While these pieces would be condemned to October by most folks, they are my everyday bling.

Told you I thought I was a rock star.