Weekend Winks – Bunny Style

I kicked the Easter weekend off with a dressed up Skinny Pirate – even busted out the Captain Morgan Private Stock (you know since it was a holiday weekend and all).

Skinny Pirate - holiday style.

Skinny Pirate – Peeped out in holiday style.

Keeping it low key while drinking our Friday cocktails, Ted and I did some spring sprucing around the house. I cleaned windows while he project managed, naturally.

Project Manager

You missed a spot. Uh, yeah thanks, Ted.

Ever the professional, my project manager checked out the quality of dryness as I laundered practically everything in my linen closet (a little behind on the laundry here in Nashville).

Dry kit cat

He took his job so seriously, he climbed in and took a nap on the warm sheets, while I sipped another SP.

I got a little more birthday loot (yes, I’m still talking about my birthday and no, I will never shut up about it).

Spoiled by friends

Spoiled by friends!

I also received a gift in the form of a pink glitter, bedazzled full bottle of Captain Morgan (think my friend knows me very well?).  This came compliments of my gal pal (and new favorite glitter artist), Tina.

Piece de Resistance

My very fabulous Piece de Resistance!

I was wondering what my mini me was up to (read about our shenanigans – click here) and instantaneously received a text with this picture. Why she’s prancing around her palace in the pink wig I sent to her, of course!

Mini Me

My mini me keeping it fabulous. Snap!

I sat Ted down and explained that his legions of fans expected a little something extra from him this weekend, therefore we needed to conduct a photo shoot.

Happiest bunny ever

Not amused.

After his three seconds of posing, the Easter star couldn’t have been more exhausted.

The star is exhausted

Ted spent the rest of the evening cemented to my lap, demanding belly rubs. DIVA!

On Easter, I woke up to a picture of the cutest two bunnies in my world…

First time Easter

My precious niece and nephew all dolled up for their Easter debut.

While Ted didn’t have an Easter bonnet to wear out to see his grandparents, I made sure he was all snuggled up for the ride.

My Snuggle Bunny

My Snuggle Bunny

A bundled up kit cat because it was such a dreary day outside. I wouldn’t want Mr. Bear catching the sniffles now would I?


Our favorite bird’s nest awaited our arrival, compliments of Mama Bunny.

my fave

Rice Krispies + chocolate eggs = heaven.

Teddy looked in every nook and cranny to be sure he didn’t miss out on any of the Bunny’s deliveries.

Anything fur me?

Anything fur me?

Naturally Ted got bossy and insisted on helping steer while on the way home.

Pawesome driver.

Pawesome driver.

But his arms quickly got tired and he needed my help in keeping his head up (sounds like me after one too many cocktails).

Easter pooped

Eastered out.

We spent the rest of the evening sipping (well, if I’m being honest maybe I gulped) wine, eating Easter dinner left overs (thanks Mom!), catching up on our DVR watching the very un-religious, flesh-eating zombie show The Walking Dead season finale (I could hardly sleep a wink after viewing but the wine helped, of course).


Cheesy green beans, chocolate and wine go perfectly with zombies, right?

Cheers to a fabulous week – and watch out for those April Fool’s Day pranksters!