Weekend Winks – Tedstar Style

Oh how I look forward to a sunny Nashville weekend. And there’s nothing better to kick it off on Friday than with a happy hour cocktail at work…

Here! Here! Three cheers that Friday is here!

Three cheers that Friday is here!

And the cocktails continued on my party patio, much to Ted’s dismay.

Partied on the patio much to Ted's dismay. Just wants quiet time.

He just wants some peace and quiet. I mean, he is only alone 9 hours a day.

I woke up Saturday to the little furry love of my life hovering over my left ear, meowing his tiny goat-like meow (it seriously sounded like a goat screaming through a megaphone) insisting I wake up and give him some attention. At 6am.


Rise and shine. Only to go back to sleep in 30 seconds.

When I posted this pic on Twitter, the always poignant gal Dallas (Ted and I love her!) over at Crazy Train to Tinky Town (you really need to go and read her Honeymoon Stories – she was jilted by a serial shagger who she found out was screwing her maid-of-honor right before her wedding) called Ted a new name that is so going to stick. She called him TedSTAR. Hello! Mr. Bear is cray cray over his new nickname, because in his head, he is the most famous feline on the planet (I mean, Times Square, Jumbotrons and adoring cat fans will do that to you).

Someone had a little trouble moving and shaking after partying all night – my Goddaughter.

Taking after her Auntie CBXB...

Taking after her Auntie CBXB…

Saturday required ass crack of dawn (early for me – 8am) hot yoga, as I was trying to get home and ready for an 11am Hawkeye football kick-off. And while I accomplished that mission, at 11:01am, I realized that the channel supposed to be showing my game, decided to televise a local team instead (I love that I pay for an additional service, where I am supposed to be able to watch my Big 10 teams). I was beyond pleased.

So I did the only thing I could do. Lay at the pool and get text updates from my fam.

Decompressed by the pool with a cocktail

Hawks win!

When returning from basking in the Saturday sun, I caught someone trying to get his own tan.

Sun tanning

Achieving that darker gray by the second.

A quiet evening of cocktails, kit cat time and football made for quite the relaxing Saturday.

And after lounging the day away (not an understatement) at the pool on Sunday, a few friends asked me to join them for dinner.

So thirsty

Our version of supper included straws for appetizers and liquor for the main course.

Fun day on Sunday

White whiskey for dessert…

Is that supposed to look like dirty water?

Is that supposed to look like dirty water?

When you have whiskey for supper, after you go to the bathroom and return to your seat, the screen saver on your phone looks like this…

Screen saver

Hello Gorgeous.

I returned home to an “anxious to hit the couch because you were gone for three hours cat” who was awaiting my arrival in my front window.


Hurry the hell up! It’s time to snuggle!

And the rest of my Sunday evening went a little something like this….

Rough weekend

Rough weekend for Tedstar.

We hope your week is off to a fabulous start.




Pussy Love!

Teddy, my famous feline has been gracing his presence on Jumbotrons at firework parties and big screens in Times Square (thanks to the talents of Phil Lanoue over at Phil Lanoue Photography – one of our best blogging buddies), gaining all kinds of human fans. But Phil captured a very telling photo that may be a sneak peek into Mr. Bear’s future celebrity status…

Ah, young pussies lusting over Ted, who can hardly be bothered to care.

Who needs puppy love?

All of the feline fawning over TB is going to break some kitty hearts (if you need advice on how to mend a cat’s broken heart, click here).  But who can blame pussies all over the world falling in love after seeing this…

BIG screen action shot.

Big pimpin’.

Or this…

He hasn't come down from this cloud yet...

Surrounding his adoring fans in NYC.

I’m pretty sure Ted will be on the cover of Cat Fancy Magazine (with a full photo spread, so owners can tear out a photo of Teddy to hang above cat food bowls…or above their beds, where they can lick him before they go to sleep – not unlike what I used to do with a poster of Joey McIntyre) one day soon. This will pretty much seal his famous fate and after his first talk show appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, he will be the new face of her cat food brand, Halo. I know, I know – you’re thinking I’m best stage mom ever.

I’ll be shooing the legions of TB’s fur ball fans (sure to show up at our mini-manse door any minute now) and the catarazzi (those photo snapping bastards that His Royal Famousness and I will pretend to hate but secretly LOVE) away with a rolled up newspaper or maybe a squirt bottle full of water.

But not before each one purchases a pawtograph, of course.