Trashy Chipped Polish Trick

I loathe not having my nails painted.  But I DETEST when I have a chipped nail. The horror! It’s worse than my TV being stuck on the Public Access channel, worse than Teddy bawling to be fed at 4 am, worse than running out of Captain on a Friday night (well, let’s be real – nothing is worse than running out of Skinny Pirate ingredients).

So you can imagine my disdain when I went to snap pictures for my Mani Monday post yesterday and this happened. Before noon (and less than 24 f’ing hours after I’d labored over my mani).

Chip off the old nail?! No thanks.

Chip off the old nail?! No thanks.


Mocking me from the keyboard!

What’s a girl to do with this travesty? Especially with after work plans?

a new version of a press on nail...and another reason I love tape

My new version of a press-on nail…and another reason I love tape.

My love affair with tape has been a long, drawn out romance (click here, here, here or here to see proof), so it was my natural go-to solution for the ugliness of a chipped nail.

rap sheet

Mug shot.

More difficult than putting a puzzle together, the Home Depot remedied manicure came out looking a lot more trailer park than anticipated.


Which one of these is not like the other?

But, it lasted through happy hour, so I’d say it was a success, no?


Being the OCD manicurist that I am, the polish came off and fresh paint was applied as soon as I hit home. And the happy hour cocktails had me thinking while I was manhandling my fur ball…


China Glaze in Lubu Heels.

Teddy’s talons could really use some flair.  Don’t you agree?

But what about painting Teddy's talons...

I’m thinking fuchsia.

I’m assuming this attempt would require tape to scrap back the pieces of my face clawed off by a pissed feline …

When in doubt, get the tape out!