Candy Mani Mania

While stuffing my face with this season’s delights, I had an idea for a manicure that will make your sweet tooth ache.

Candy corn craze!

I had the nail colors on hand (because I’m a polish whore) but all can be found at your local beauty or drug store.

Sally Hansen in White Out, China Glaze in Solar Power and Sally Hansen in Crushed.

After a base coat, I applied two coats of Crushed.

Wait for these coats to dry completely (I had a small trial and error with this because I have no patience).

Then, place scotch tape in the middle of your nails.

Once the tape is secured, apply one coat of Solar Power.

Be sure your nails are semi-dry before removing the tape. Then remove by pulling the tape from one side to the other, instead of up and down.

Add the white tips, as you would with a french mani, apply a top coat and try not to snack on your own nails.


Mani Monday Monstrosity

Yesterday was Sunday night nail night. And as I was watching a Lifetime movie while painting my nails, I proved that I cannot multitask.

What should a gal do when she’s finished painting her nails and a bottle of polish smashes all over the hardwood floor? This girl went and got a paper towel and gathered as much of the silver mess as possible without ruining the wet polish on my nails. The result…not so pretty (for the floor anyway).

A spill on the floor didn’t stop this manicure from setting! Silver hue is Nicole by OPI in Chrome-A-Zoned.  Tips done in China Glaze’s Purple Panic (neon).

Scene of the beauty crime.  Sacrificing hardwood for a perfect manicure…maybe not the brightest idea. But hey, my nails look fabulous!

All that ‘suffering to be beautiful’ talk is nonsense. I simply beautified the floor, yes?  But now I have a DIY project on my freshly painted nails. How do you get nail polish off hardwood without stripping it? I’ll keep you posted.


10 Speed for Nails

It’s just another Mani Monday (still cheesy but so fun)!

A sweet baby girl is on the way (not mine, as I can hear the collective sighs of relief – my own included) and in honor of her approaching arrival, I decided to paint my nails in the colors used at her baby shower. Pink and purple.

The end result reminds me of my purple 10 speed with pink tires I received on my 9th birthday (but hey, it’s the thought that counts, yes?) that I rode until the wheels fell off.

The 10 speed look for my 10 digits.

Pink essie nail polish in Short Shorts, $7.00. Purple China Glaze polish in Senorita Bonita, $7.00.

A little shout out to the baby, while taking a bike ride down memory lane. My work out for the day is now complete.

Happy Monday!


Mani Monday!

It’s just another ….
Mani-Monday. Cheesy? Yes! But still fabulous. Check out my interpretation of the French manicure this week.

A little bit of rock’n’roll with a whole lotta sparkle. Holla!

A steady hand and a little patience can beef up your wallet, when saving on salon manicures. To read my how-to, check out the Fabulously French-ish Mani post.

Nails painted in Hard Candy’s Fabuluxe and silver sparkly tipped with China Glaze in Here’s to You.

Good luck!

The Fabulously French-ish Mani

A little fuchsia on a French mani never hurt!

A thrifty girl’s guide to having fab looking nails is learning how to do them herself. I watched my mom paint her nails every Sunday night when I was a kid, therefore, I have my “Sunday Night Nail Night.” I didn’t get a salon manicure until I was 22 (and don’t get me wrong, love them!) but I don’t have the extra dough to keep them in a budget rotation.

Colors shown on nails above are …

Chanel in Cry Baby and China Glaze in Purple Panic (Neon).

I always use a base coat, two coats of color polish and then one brush of top coat. To do the French-ish mani above, I do everything the same, except after I’ve put on two coats of the color polish, I paint a strip at the end of each nail and voila, a poor gal’s French mani. If you don’t have a steady hand, you can get sticker strips to put on the tips of your nails – just be sure to wait until your polish has dried before sticking them on your nails.

Good luck!