Pussy Party Time!

While Mama is away, the cat will play.

And play.

And play.

Where in the hell is my mom?

Mom’s gone?! PARTY TIME!

Ever wonder what you’re pet is up to while you’re away from home? While I was living it up in Vegas this past week, Ted was treating his life like a never-ending party as well (kind of like the Tidy Cat party commercial).

See me?

Dragging tinsel all over the house, decorating for his shindig.

Inviting his pals over to play…


Party goer Jaycee is thinking “WTF?” (What The Feline?!)

Pounding Mike’s Hard Lemonade – really living it up like a classy cat (as I usually force him to guzzle Skinny Pirates).

After a cold one...

Feels so good when it hits the lips.

After crushing the can on his forehead, it’s time to taunt the neighbor dogs who are incessantly barking (pleading, really) about getting to come over to the Tedstar’s party.

It's time to look out the window.

Sorry. Nope. Invitation only.

After getting all kinds of filthy during the party, it’s time to wash all of the sins away.

Take a bath...

High on the perch, overlooking his kingdom.

And then settle in for some TV time (he’s typically only allowed 10 hours in front of the boob tube per day)…

And settle in for some TV.

Trying to set the world record of feline TV watching.

Before picking up the aftermath of the party.


Looks like a party scene from a ’80s movie, huh?

And upon my return, this is the sad face I get – as if nothing ever happened while I was away.


Who me? I just laid on my favorite plastic Target sack and missed the shit out of you. Yawn.

And I always fall for it. Every time.

Somebody’s got me right where he wants me.