Weekend Winks

A glance at the weekend shenanigans of a gal in Nashville…

Friday night date night with Ted.

A much needed class at Hot Yoga Plus Nashville. Stinky but stellar.

A surprise snail mailed post card from my buddy Riq (yes, with a Q). A nice treat all the way from Hollywood, CA.

Teddy on the lookout for our tailgating crew.

Cocktail napkins with a matching mani. Obnoxious? Yes. Fabulous? Oh hells yeah.

Trick-or-Drink! A tasty tailgating treat for spicy Skinny Pirates.

A toasty pregame fire pit.

Fellow family fans join the tailgate with a little Face Time.

Tailgating treats.

Sympathy shots for our team’s loss.

Hangover helper. Courtesy of Dalt’s Grill.

A little Bitch’n bubbly for a Sunday night Hell on Wheels marathon.

And now I’m back at it…workin’ for next weekend.