Game Day Gussy Up

Is it possible to look fabulous during football season while waving a foam finger in the air?

Foam finger fail.

Fail at fabulousness.

Ever since I was a kid, wearing college colors for game day has been tradition.

Sporting my dad's college jersey. Yes. He was a football playing stud who also was a cheerleader.

Sporting my dad’s college jersey. Yes, he was a football playing stud who also was a cheerleader. Yes, he will sign an autograph for you.

Now that I’m an Iowa Hawkeye girl (that’s Big Ten Country for you non-sports folks – or anyone that has ever misidentified Iowa as the Potato State, addressed my beloved team as the Iowa Buckeyes or thought Kevin Costner lived there in a magic corn field of dreams) in a Nashville world, I always support my college alma mater while cheering hundreds of miles away.

Wearing my pride on my…





...and sweater.

…and sweater.

But why stop at typical fan wear that anyone can sport? If you’re really a team supporter you’ll be sure to accessorize your head to toe outfit.

Whole lotta Hawk.

With flags.

With rings.

With rings.

Gaudy earrings

With gaudy football earrings.

And let’s not forget the importance of matching our cocktails to our team of choice.


Appropriately holds one bottle of wine.

We live, breathe and sleep by our black and gold when it comes to college football season.

Taking it to the limits

Taking true fandom  fabulousness to the limits.

Not wanting anyone to feel left out, the twins are even adorned with adorable Hawkeye gear.

Miniature Herkys.

It’s all fun and football games with Prince B and Princess B.

Being a lady (I use that term loosely) that takes any chance to celebrate, today I’m all gussied up in my finest black and gold threads in honor of College Colors Day (it’s seriously a day supported by The Collegiate Licensing Company).

No, we're not Southern Missisippi.

A gal in need of a Hawkeye throne.

And I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t dress my nails up with matching gaudy polish.


Team colored talons.

As for a foam finger, I’ve made a minor substitution in order to keep my family’s moonshine touchdown tradition alive this season.

The end all, be all importance of game day.

Moonshine shots with every seven points scored.

Shots with every seven points scored.

Who needs a foam finger with Hawkeye moonshine?

Now go get your game day gussy up on!



Losin’ and Boozin’

Tailgating usually means good beer, tasty treats, fun times and hopefully, an eventful game where your team is victorious.

But what about the seasons your team is really sucking?

You do as any good fan would do – tailgate anyway!

There are no losers in tailgating…that’s what makes it all the more fabulous!

I’m a Big Ten Girl, a Hawkeye fanatic and an all around football lover. Tailgating is tradition at my alma mater, the University of Iowa (as it is at countless colleges across America) and when I was in school, this past time meant booze, beer pong and boys.  Now that I’m all grown up (mostly) tailgating now involves booze, snacks and booze (with the snack portion of this event taking great importance).

It looks like my beloved team is going to have a lack luster season and while it may seem easy to throw in the towel, especially when living in Nashville, hundreds of miles away from the stadium in Iowa City, we’re still at it on Saturdays.

How does one prep for a tailgate with small hopes her team will get a W? By treating it just like any other award winning season.

First, you get your football dishes and platters out (now I realize not everyone is cuckoo for football, so you don’t necessarily HAVE to own sports themed dishware but you must admit, it is so much cuter than your average Tupperware, yes?).

Then you cross your fingers that guests bring fabulous treats to go along with the decorative dishes you’ve laid out.

Last Saturday, we had my blog famous Shit Dip, chips and salsa, a cheese ball and crackers, Mexican dip and my dad’s “best batch of ribs ever” (which is a direct quote from the chef himself).

Teddy (never one to be left out) partook in the game day treats, too.

And who can forget the key element to a successful tailgate? Not this crew.

What fun is a tailgate without the booze in the team cup, with the matching nails (check out Mama’s Mani) and T-shirt?

Speaking of cocktails, typically we toast Hawkeye touchdowns with a celebratory shot but we’ve yet to run one into the end zone this season. So now we put extra Captain in our diet coke and end up doing a shot at the end of the game in celebration that the clock finally ran out.

Cheers to a really looooooong season (and hopefully a win this weekend). At least we still have the anticipation of tailgating every Saturday – some things never change.


Foam Finger Fever

Is it possible to look fabulous while waving a foam finger in the air?

An early attempt of mine to nail football attire. Missed the mark but still cute, yes?

Last week, I eased into college football season with my fashion choice, supporting my college alma mater while cheering hundreds of miles away.   Wearing my pride on my sleeve (or rather, my entire torso – I really don’t like to do anything half assed, if you haven’t noticed) in bold gold.

VS PINK Collegiate Collection V-neck tee, $24.99.

Loving on my hunky Herky the Hawk (University of Iowa’s team mascot for those non-sports folks – or anyone that has ever misidentified Iowa as the Potato State, the Buckeye State or thought Kevin Costner lived there in a magic corn field of dreams).

Old school velvet, block lettering made my heart swell when I laid eyes on this T-shirt.

My real life mascot, Teddy wasn’t thrilled about my choice of attire and had no issues showing me how he felt about Herky, his competition.

Ted reminding me (in a very subtle, gentle manner) that he’s my main squeeze.

But as the day wore on, the shirt grew on Teddy and we became friends again (all was forgiven as soon as I shared my tailgating treats).

As for the foam finger? I made a minor substitution…

A bit of sparkle for all of my Hawkeye shine.

Why would one need a foam finger with a bling ring like mine? It’s more sparkly, gaudy and versatile (and way easier to maneuver to another finger when the referee makes a bad call). Just wait until next week…