The Seven Month Itch

March marks my seventh month in the blogosphere, which I suppose means I’m still relatively new at this. When I started posting, I not only wondered what in the hell I was going to talk about daily (like I ever shut up) I also wondered who in the world would be interested enough (aside from my mother and the required family member readership) to come hang and take a peek into my life.

In celebration, I’ve decided to share seven random facts about myself. Sit back, relax and grab a cocktail (or three)…

#1. I have a really fun family that I love hanging around.

up up and away

Trying to get a lift onto my dad’s back after honky tonkin’ for my sister’s bachelorette party.

#2. I often make an asshole out of myself on accident.  Labeling them as blonde moments makes me feel better.


It’s JAWS! Scary shark! Wait, where’d the shark go?

#3. Rarely do I drink ’til I puke. But when I was younger and didn’t know any better, thank god someone was there to capture the Kodak moment.

My bestie, Scooby holding my hair back. While laughing. Loudly.

My bestie, Scooby holding my hair back. While laughing. Loudly.

#4. I’ve been crazy about cats my entire life.

Cray cray in training.

Cray cray in training with Ernie.

#5. Richie Sambora (yeah, the one from Bon Jovi) once put a guitar pick he used during a show into my hand. I said into my hand! He didn’t throw it into the crowd and I happened to catch it, he walked over and handed it to me.  This was in the Heather Locklear vs. Denise Richards days. I was pretty sure I hated Richie for cheating on his gorgeous wife, Heather (I mean if she gets cheated on, where’s that leave the rest of us gals?) and knew I hated him for dating his ex-wife’s friend during the divorce. Then Richie’s hand touched mine and well….



I fell so much in love with the stupid pick, I had it made into a necklace. It’s my personal heirloom to pass down to my cat children. Teddy refuses to wear it around his neck because he thinks it’s too “heavy.” CATS.

Not too heavy for this neck.

Not too heavy for this neck.

#6. I have a trashy habit (does this surprise anyone? Anyone?!) of cutting down bags of chips as I stuff them into my mouth.  This not only alleviates your wrist from getting greasy, this tactic is much more time efficient when trying to inhale the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Trust me.

I know, I know...why didn't you think about this before?!

I know, I know…why didn’t you think about this before?!

Breakfast of Champions

#7. I couldn’t love my cat Teddy more than if I’d birthed him myself. Yeah, yeah, I know. C.R.A.Z.Y.

Couldn't love this cat more...

Crazy in love.

Here’s to seven more months of fun!




Cray Cray Cat Lady Lingerie

My love for the feline species started young and as far back as I can remember, cats have always been in my life.  I suppose instead of doll babies, I was busy trying to burp a kitten.

Crazy about cats as a child.

Taking cats down slides as playmates (I apparently was desperate for a sibling, you think?) was as natural to me as all get out, further solidifying my future as a maniacal lover of all things that meow.

Oh, you’re gonna play with me and you’re gonna like it.

So it’s no surprise that my entire family is well aware of my life long obsession with my cats (I mean all typical women love cats and candles, right?).

My very thoughtful cousin Dom texted this picture to me on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Cozy, cat lady winter attire.

It took all of .02 seconds to wonder why he thought of me when he saw it hanging at Target.

Our text conversation went as follows:

Dom: Footie PJs

Me: Where?

Dom: Target

Me: On my way to purchase. STAT.

I rushed to lay eyes on the adult onesie.

My internal dialogue was saying “I really love leopard print. And I REALLY am crazy about my cat but who in the hell would want one of these jumpsuits, let alone wear it around the house?”  Apparently, me. Because externally I couldn’t help myself from stashing it into my cart (while looking around to make sure no one I knew was watching this grown ass woman’s pajama selection) and galloping to the check-out.

How can you say no to kitty feet? You don’t.

I could not wait to get home and see Teddy’s reaction.

Full frontal fierceness.

Fancy feline flannels.

As it turns out, these pajamas are not only sensible fashion for the cat lover, they are also quite practical.

Puuuuurfect pockets to stash cat toys and treats.

All moms need a little “me” time and this lounge wear is to the rescue.

Cat Camouflage. For the times you need a break from your fur ball and wish to blend in with surroundings.

With footies, you never have to worry about turning your heat on in the winter time.

Ted and I now have matching pink paws.

After all of my prancing around, I was wondering if TB was EVER going to acknowledge my new giddy up…

And then, Ted came pouncing over, begging to get his claws on my new threads.


You too, can have this cat magnet sleepwear all for just $25….so many ample reasons to invest.  With lingerie like this, it’s a wonder I’m not married, huh?