Booze Hound

It’s so classy getting your pup trashy and being that it’s White Trash Wednesday, I felt the need to feature my First Mate and her fur baby Jacey Kournikova.

First Mate loves her dog just as much as I carry the torch for the furry love of my life, Ted.  Jacey can’t be left alone (she has separation anxiety so she goes to Grandma’s when we go get cocktails), gets to drink puppy lattes (whipped cream) in Starbucks cups, goes to work every day with her dad, has a passport so she can vacation with her parents and also gets to guzzle the occasional margarita.

Jacey and my First Mate living it up on the beach.

One of the many deep connections my First Mate and I have is our adoration for booze (among other passions for our animals, football and shopping) therefore, my heart burst with pride when she sent me the following pictures of her cocktail slurping dog.

At Kenny D’s Beach & Bar Grill in Destin, FL where “The Bayou Meets the Beach,” you can bring your best friend to dine and (more importantly) drink right alongside you.

Hold the salt.

Once she placed her order, Jacey couldn’t decide if she had made the right decision.

Circling the prey.

But ultimately, she chugged the tasty beverage as any margarita loving lady would do.

Cocktails (along with Grandma), make Jacey one hap-hap-happy pooch.

Cheap date due to brain freeze. One and done!

Keeping it classy – like mother, like daughter. Oh how I love them so!