Staircase to Heaven

Dear Santa,

Looking for any last minute Christmas gift ideas for me?

Here’s a thought  – a sparkling diamond staircase.


My fabulous friend Amanda from Celiac and Allergy Adventures spotted this on Pinterest and thought I might want to add it to my Christmas Lust List.  I think she might know me a little better than you – unless this was already locked and loaded in the sleigh.

C’mon Santa!

I’ve been extremely well behaved this year. And it would actually be like two gifts wrapped up into one because Teddy might just DIE from delight every time he prances up and down the staircase (with me right behind him in my sequin robe, feather slippers and Skinny Pirate in hand).

Please have the elves install it quietly on Christmas Eve. Ted and I need our beauty sleep.

I’ll leave an extra tall glass of Captain out for you this year.