Holly Jolly Drunk Girls

Holly and oh-so-jolly.

Holly and oh-so-jolly.

What would a Christmas season be without a ladies cocktail party?


While I’ve been in my new mini manse for a few months now, it’s not big enough to host the regular blow out I typically do every December. So this year, I limited it to females so we could get down with our sparkly selves.  The party prepping took place all day and kind of took over my living room.

Party prep

Watch your step.

Hosting a party will immediately give you an eagle eye on all things not perfect, like nicks in your black wall that you cover up with a Sharpie marker.

Sharpie finishing touches

No one will know the difference….

While I was busy coloring my wall, Teddy had his paws full pretending he was the Abominable Snowman atop my piano. He delicately tried to whip every single one of my sparkly deer with his tail.


Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I’ll knock you down ’til kingdom come.

Sorry. Not sorry.

Sorry. Not sorry.

After rescuing my deer from the grey lion, I set up the all important party piece.  The bar.

The most important element of any party.

Oh come all ye thirsty!

Fancy barware

No party is complete without fancy, plastic barware.

I feel like this could be me.

I feel like this could be me.

Ready and willing...

Ready, willing and able to party all night!

As soon as the guests arrived, we whipped out the all important Jell-O shots.

Jell-O time!

Christmas angels. Well, two of them are anyway.

While we were standing there, minding our own Jell-O shotting business, someone jumped in to photo bomb (this must be a hereditary trait, since I like to invite myself into everyone else’s pics all the time).

Bombed by my mom.

Bombed by my mom.

While it’s hard to believe I could be associated with anyone who has not slurped down a Jell-O shot (I mean for Christ’s sake, my 90-year-old Gma even partakes), I found myself in that very situation.  Of course we devirginized her quickly – so quickly in fact that she requested a second cup of the gelatin goodness before the first was down her hatch.


Yes, you’ll have another.

You’d think that pregnant gals would feel left out during all of the drinking shenanigans but not in my mini manse. Simply shove whipped cream down their throat, so they can be inebriated on sweetness.

Party for a preggo

Partying for three (she’s having twins!).

Pregnant ladies also know how to keep the ambiance of a gathering going strong by providing entertainment. Have you ever seen a belly play Chopsticks on a piano?

Entertainer of the year.

Entertainer(s) of the year.

When it’s time for guests to leave, I classily beg to keep some of the party snacks they brought (you know, so us party animals have something to snack on at 2am…or so I have lunch for the next week. Whatever).

No spoon zone.

No spoon zone.

As the wee hours of the morning greeted us, those of us awake held a photo shoot before getting the leftover snacks out (how all models at photo shoots roll).

Christmas cocktails call for fabulous friends!

I never want the fun to end.

But someone had to put their foot down and demand we all go to bed.

Host with the most.

Host with the most.

He can be such a party pooper!



It’s the Liebs, not the Biebs.

That’s right, I’m not talking Justin Bieber I’m talking a Blogster Liebster!

The oh-so-fabulous D-Anna at Style Salvation  and granted sparkly ol’ me with the Liebster Blog Award.  A grand gesture of kindness and by accepting, I must relay five random facts about myself, as well as answering five questions D-Anna has asked yours truly.


Random things by Cowboys and Crossbones…

1) My favorite movie of all time is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.  My family (we’re so classy!) watches it every year during the holidays and it’s a tradition I anticipate right up there with Santa’s big night.

I mean, what family doesn’t have their very own cousin Eddie?

I love the movie so much that last year, I hosted a Griswolds (hence the Grizzie category on my blog) Family Christmas party.

This is my version of a crying Clark while he’s stuck in the attic and his arch nemesis of a neighbor, Margo.

And speaking of crying, I rarely cry. But when I do – I only have one kind…the ugly cry. The hot mess kind of cry. The what the hell is wrong with her kind of cry.  Once I start, I can’t stop.

Think I need to invest in waterproof mascara?

I have no recollection as to why I was being such a bawl baby, I simply remember how freaking hilarious I looked when I finally stopped long enough to look in a mirror. And of course, had to document the situation. You’re welcome.

3) I am really good at shotgunning a beer (even though I am not supposed to have beer with gluten intolerance issues but I can never refuse a challenge).

Once again beating my cousin Tballs in the annual chugging contest. Classy, I know.

4) One of my favorite Nashville pastimes is honky tonkin’ on Broadway. Robert’s Western World is home of two of the best Nashville bands you can see for free – The Don Kelley Band and the Chris Casello Trio. At Robert’s there is never a cover charge, always a fun crowd and they even feature a Recession Special on the menu – a fried bologna sandwich, chips, a moon pie AND a Pabst Blue Ribbon for $5.

Dancing circles around my dad at Robert’s.

5) Lipstick is the last thing I apply before any show.

Applying the reddest red before a show at the 40 Watt club in Athens, Georgia.

Questions from my nominator, D-Anna:

1. What is your favorite clothing item?

Jeans. Typically tight, as my Gma likes to always point out.

2.  What one thing would make your life better?

A little bit larger mini-manse.

3.  What is your dream job?


4. What is the quote that best resonates with you?

Treat people the way you want to be treated.

5. If you could steal one person’s style, who would it be?

Gwen Stefani

And now for my passing on the Liebs torch to five very deserving blogs. Drum roll, please….

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The skinny of the rules: The person nominated must answer the 5 questions given by the person who nominated them AND tell 5 random facts about yourself. Then, nominate 5 blogs with under 200 followers, make sure to tell them you nominated them.  Ask the people you nominate 5 questions of your own.

Questions for the CBXB nominees:

1. What is your favorite color and why?

2.  What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?

3.  What is your dream job?

4. What is your favorite time of the day?

5. What is the first thing you would you do if you won the lottery?

And last but not least, don’t forget that it’s the last day to enter for this fabulous deer head!

Passin’ on the Liebster fever!