Weekend Winks

A last-minute work trip to Colorado this weekend lasted less than 24 hours…

Teddy could barely look as I rushed to pack for a late flight on Friday night.

My transportation to and from weekend work. Rough!

A happy sight for my tired, desperate for eye drops eyes. The hotel lobby, which conveniently turned into a bar upon our arrival at 12:30am.

Waking up to a gorgeous mountain view, in dire need of the coldest Diet Coke on the planet, aspirin and a gallon of water.

Set up for an evening rally on a gorgeous Denver morning.

Band sound check for the evening performance.

Catching up with my college bestie, Tdawg over a quick lunch at Tokyo Joe’s.

An excited Colorado crowd.

A packed, chanting house awaits politicians, musicians and presenters to take the stage.

A fun gift from my boss (who obviously pays attention!), put to use on the late night plane ride home.

Back in time for hiking on a sunny Nashville Sunday.

Checking out the chilly temps in Milwaukee, where I’m jetting off to today for another 24 hour work whirlwind. What’s a girl to wear?!

While feeling like I’ve lived three years in the past seven days, I’m telling this jam-packed upcoming week to bring it. I mean, I’m being carted around in a jet.

Feel sorry for me?