Weekend Winks – Party Style

All kinds of Nashville party shenanigans were had this past weekend for Teddy and me.


Me and my wild pussy.

We had a wild Friday evening sorting through my bins of winter threads.


Mr. Bear just had to supervise.


And he was worn out within 45 seconds of perusing my piles of clothes.

Speaking of wardrobe, my little niece and nephew love going naked as they proved with a pic on Saturday am.


Wish I looked this cute naked.

Saturday game day party ingredients were prepped for our Iowa Hawkeyes 11am (ugh…too early!) kick-off. I worked my ass off setting liquor bottles on the kitchen counter. Exhausting.


For the record, that’s not my vodka. It’s my dad’s rot gut that he insists drinking because it’s a whopping $9 per handle.


All of the tasty tailgating treats to help us wash down our cocktails.

As soon as the first play was underway, Ted assumed his fave football position on his Gma’s lap.


Football is so tiring.

Of course, his beauty sleep was interrupted by our moonshine shot tradition that we guzzle after every touchdown.


Cheers #1.

Our halftime show featured a celebration of my dad’s birthday complete with a whopper pie (made by yours truly) and gifts.

pie time

If this wasn’t frozen, I have a feeling this pie would have ended up on someone’s face.


The birthday boy who doesn’t hate attention.



The sign I gifted my dad reads:

“Dad, no matter where I go in life, who I get married to, how much time I spend with guys, how much I love my boyfriend, you’ll always be my number one man.” And the last line should have included – don’t tell Mr. Bear.

Of course, Teddy had something to say about this revelation and gave my dad a stern talking to on the porch.


A tumbleweed went by in the background just before I snapped this photo.

After all was settled, TB sauntered into his Juicy Couture Pussy Palace to ignore all of the birthday and football celebrations taking place.


So over us.

We carried on to our 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th moonshine shots…



Which of course led to Dance Party USA – then turned into a victory celebration as our Hawks won the game.


Raise the roof no rhythm style.


And get so exhausted you have to sit down to continue.

I drug Ted out of his Pussy Palace to see if he felt like a whirl and twirl.

kit cat dance

Care to dance, Mr. Bear?


That’s a big no.

After almost losing an eye to a claw, my dad and I ran to the liquor store in order to prep for the Tennessee Titans game on Sunday (you like how we have our priorities straight, don’t you?).

prep for game

Pouched and ready to go.

Sunday greeted us with a gorgeous day for football – sunny, cloudless and 60 degrees.


Hello perfect football weather.

As the players were suiting up in their uniforms, I was putting the final touches in my Sunday attire.

bootleg vodka. boobleg tequila

Such a cute accessory.


The birthday weekend continues…

After our photo shoot, I headed to tend bar in the bathroom.


Alcohol kills germs, right?

And as the Titans continued to suck it up the entire afternoon, my dad and I turned into comedians while we were people watching. Our most clever observation was spying the oldest jersey in our section, being that Pac Man Jones hasn’t been with the Titans since 2006.

where's masking tape when you need it?

Where’s duct tape when you need it?

The Titans may have lost to the worst team in our division BUT my dad and I gained hats. Oh so many free hats we collected as other fans ran out of the stadium with their heads hung in shame.

we may have lost but we gained hats. oh so many hats

Who doesn’t need countless camouflaged hats?

And we refused to leave until the end of the game – which was perfect as the Titans scored another touch down and we were able to finish the last little bit of tequila we had with us.

which became more important when we shot tequila

Saturday touch downs involve moonshine. Sunday touch downs are best with tequila.

The highlight of game day was the halftime event, which honored local veterans and active duty members of the military.  Lee Greenwood sang “God Bless the USA,” the crowd witnessed a re-enlistment ceremony for 50 members of the Army stationed at Fort Campbell and the color guards from the five branches of the military were on the field.


Happy Veterans Day

Want to do something fabulous in honor of Veterans Day?  Why don’t you drop a holiday card in the mail to the American Red Cross, who distributes the received mail among veterans, active-duty service members and military families all over the world.  To read more about Holiday Mail for Heroes, click here.  Send your holiday card(s) by December 6th to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes: PO Box 5456 Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Thanks to all of the veterans and active-duty service members for all you have done and continue to do.